Combien de thé noir par jour

Three to eight cups of black tea a day is optimal. Three cups is the minimum to get the benefits of the drink. Eight cups is the maximum to avoid the effects of caffeine.

Take advantage of the virtues of black tea

The polyphenols in black tea give it many virtues. This category of antioxidants has positive properties on the cardiovascular system. These virtues are obtained from three cups of tea per day.

However, black tea is also rich in theine. This form of caffeine gives it exciting effects in high doses. In fact, it contains less caffeine than coffee, but more than green tea.

How much black tea to avoid insomnia?

To avoid insomnia in sensitive people, a maximum of eight cups per day is recommended. It is advisable to stop drinking it in the evening. It is also possible to remove most of the theine from the drink with a pre-infusion of 2 to 3 minutes. The second infusion will then be longer to benefit from the tannins.

Women should consume black tea away from meals to avoid iron malabsorption.