Quel est le meilleur thé noir ?

From Ceylon or Darjeeling, black teas are numerous in the world. Each variety, made according to its own process, has its own specific range of flavors. However, this drink still has many health benefits. So, what is the best black tea for you?

  1. Black teas, multiple origins
  2. Black teas, a range of flavors
  3. An infusion of tea leaves for every moment of the day

Black teas, multiple origins

If Darjeeling black tea is the most famous, other organic varieties also offer their flavor. From China to Sri Lanka, tea leaves from many countries offer drinks full of benefits. Let's zoom in on the different black teas.

Chinese black teas

Green and white teas dominate the Chinese market. Nevertheless, black tea is more and more present. China offers varieties with a particular flavor.

The most famous Chinese black teas are :

  • Oolong, the only true Chinese black tea;
  • Lapsang Souchong, the black tea smoked with pine wood;
  • Keemun black tea, the most popular in the country;
  • Yunnan Dian Hong, the tea of kings.

Indian black teas

In India, the "cup of tea" is a real institution. The country therefore produces many quality black teas. The most remarkable Indian teas are :

  • Ceylon black tea, the most popular;
  • Darjeeling black tea, the champagne of tea;
  • Nilgiri black tea, a noble variant;
  • Assam black tea, the most spicy.

Black teas of the world

In addition to China and India, many other regions of the world produce high quality teas. World tour of black tea:

  • Milima black tea from Kenya;
  • Black tea "Caykur" from Turkey;
  • Panchthar black tea from Nepal (similar to Darjeeling black tea from India);
  • Hoang Su Phi Den black tea from Vietnam.

Black teas, a range of flavors

If there are so many varieties of tea, it is because they have very particular flavors. According to your taste and your desires, you can choose a stronger or more typical tea, and why not blends already flavored. Focus.

Full-bodied teas for the "cup of tea

Stronger teas often have a woody or spicy flavor. They go well with the cloud of milk that is typical of the Britishcup of tea.

The teas that lend themselves best to this tradition are generally teas from India such as Assam. Ceylon, from Sri Lanka, is also an excellent candidate for this type of blend.

Luxury black teas for fine flavors

Some teas have more original flavors. They are used in more refined recipes or in gastronomic cooking. Lapsang Souchong, the black tea smoked with pine wood, falls into this category.

Flavored black teas for more pleasure

Some teas are included in flavored recipes, in boxes or bags:

  • Earl Grey, combining black tea and bergamot;
  • Malasa Chai, a blend of tea and spices;
  • Irish breakfast, blended Assam teas.

An infusion of tea leaves for every moment of the day

Depending on its theine (caffeine) content, each tea is consumed at different times of the day. The amount of theine does not alter the "health" virtues of the drink, which come from its antioxidants (catechins).

In the morning, teas from India have an energizing effect. Black tea from Assam is part of the traditional English or Irish breakfast blends. This is also the case with Ceylon black tea.

In the evening, black oolong tea is to be preferred. Indeed, although black, it is quite low in theine.