thé noir Darjeeling

Mainly grown in India, Darjeeling black tea is the most consumed tea in the UK. Plain or with milk, it is the main ingredient of the famous "cup of tea" available for breakfast or tea time. This famous black tea, in bulk or in bags, has a unique taste that is both light and energizing. Its preparation must be precise according to its flush. Discover the mysteries of Himalayan tea.

  1. What is Darjeeling organic black tea?
  2. How to prepare a cup of Darjeeling organic black tea?

What is organic Darjeeling black tea?

Darjeeling black tea is nicknamed the champagne of tea. Its exceptional quality and unique taste make it a highly sought after infusion base. It is a mythical organic black tea particularly appreciated by the English.

Where does Darjeeling organic black tea come from?

Originally, India produced mainly Assam black tea. But in the mid-19th century, the British wanted to develop a more aromatic tea with more fragrant notes. They decided to plant tea plants from China on the territory of Darjeeling. The city became a huge garden. Very quickly, this tea became famous and more and more popular to buy. Today, it has a protected geographical indication.

It is at an altitude of more than 1300 meters that the leaves of organic Darjeeling tea blossom. On the slopes of the Himalayas, in India, the leaves of this tea plant form immense gardens. Close to the roof of the world, Darjeeling teas grow extremely slowly to produce leaves of exceptional quality. This organic black tea is harvested three times a year, which determines its flush, one of the essential information for its infusion.

What are the flavors of Darjeeling black tea?

Organic black teas from the Darjeeling gardens develop a troubling aromatic palette. Underneath its amber color, this tea has floral notes in spring and woody notes in autumn. A delicate touch of spice flavors its bitterness.

In some Darjeeling gardens, spring black tea produces notes of "fresh muscatel". It is the ultimate early black tea. Delicately flavored, it is sold by weight in prestigious auctions. Its autumnal version, more robust, flavors the traditional "cup of tea" of France and England.

How to prepare a cup of Darjeeling organic black tea?

The preparation of Darjeeling organic black tea is sensitive to details. It depends on the season of harvest of the leaves, but also on the product and the water.

How to determine the type of organic Darjeeling black tea?

There are three types of organic Darjeeling black teas, all of which are born at high altitude. These are determined in flushes, according to the season of harvest of the leaves. Each flush has an ideal decoction time:

  • The "first flush" in bulk harvested in spring infuses 2 minutes;
  • The "second flush" in bulk harvested in summer infuses 3 minutes;
  • The third flush, harvested in autumn, infuses for 4 minutes.

Which brewing method should I use?

Darjeeling black tea is available in loose tea or tea bags. While the tea bag is more convenient, it does not produce a full range of flavor. The teabags are in fact ground into a powder. They can be stored in a box or canister to avoid losing their flavors.

How to use Darjeeling organic black tea?

In France, Darjeeling black tea is often drunk plain. In India and in England, the traditional cup of tea is accompanied by a cloud of milk.