thé noir Assam

Originally from India, Assam black tea is more robust than Darjeeling tea. Its strong taste and its fair trade culture make it a spearhead of the Indian tea trade. It goes perfectly with spices and milk to start the day. Available in bulk or in bags, its production is conquering the world. Focus on this morning tea.

  1. Discover Assam Sewpur black tea
  2. How to prepare Assam black tea
  3. Tasting Sewpur organic black tea
  4. Choose your Assam Sewpur black tea

Discover the Assam Sewpur black tea

In India, on the slopes of the Himalayas, Assam organic black tea is produced in the eponymous region. Unlike other Indian teas such as Darjeeling or Nilgiri, Assam tea is grown on the plains. The tea plant that produces the distinctive leaves of Assam black tea is a cousin of the green and white teas of China. Sewpur Assam tea is the result of quality agriculture. These black teas are all organic.

Assam black tea is harvested each season, which determines its "flush". The first flush is the spring harvest, the second is the summer harvest. This second flush is traditionally dedicated to the "tippy" tea with a slightly stronger taste.

Like Sencha in Japan, Assam Sewpur organic black tea is an institution in India. It owes its popularity to its unique taste. Slightly musky, this infusion is distinguished by its woody aftertaste. Often described as robust or full-bodied, organic Assam black tea is ideal to start the day. It is often referred to as a "breakfast tea".

How to prepare Assam organic black tea

According to professional opinion, Assam black tea in leaf form has more flavor than tea bags. Some details for a cup of quality organic black tea:

  • Choose loose products (from India) or bags in a box;
  • Use water at 95°C;
  • Infuse for 5 to 8 minutes according to your taste;
  • Respect a weight of 10 grams of tea for one liter of water.

With bags or crushed leaves, the infusion time should be a little shorter, as the product diffuses more quickly. The whole leaves of Assam Sewpur can be used for three infusions. The time must be increased for each new infusion.

Tasting Assam Sewpur organic black tea

In India, organic black tea is drunk plain or with a dash of milk. In the case of Assam Sewpur tea, the milk blends with the full-bodied flavor. The bitterness can be softened with a little honey. A spice like cinnamon can also reduce the bitter note of the organic drink.

Assam black tea can be drunk hot or cold, in which case it has a refreshing note. Often considered only a breakfast drink, due to its caffeine content, it can nevertheless be drunk in the afternoon.

Choosing your Assam Sewpur black tea

Not all black teas are created equal. Assam black tea has to meet a strict charter. Moreover, its quality must be impeccable to obtain a tasty drink. Here are a few points to consider when choosing your product:

  • Your black tea must be certified from a fair trade agriculture.
  • The tea must come from the Assam region in India.
  • You should prefer a delivery from a specialized trade rather than an uncertain product.
  • Your black tea will have more flavor from real leaves than from powder in a bag.