thé noir maigrir

Drinking black tea is useful for losing weight. Studies recognize its virtues on fat metabolism and water retention. Sport and a balanced diet accentuate its benefits on the kilos.

How to use black tea to lose weight

The slimming effects of black tea are felt after three cups per day. Its action is declined on four axes:

  • Effect fat burner;
  • Anti-water retention effect;
  • Flat stomach effect;
  • Appetite suppressant effect.

Black tea helps to eliminate fat and toxins

With its caffeine, black tea increases the metabolism of the body. It then burns more calories. Associated with a slimming diet, it promotes fat loss. Its antioxidants also support this weight loss, because they stimulate theelimination of toxins and water retention.

Black tea promotes good digestion

The polyphenols in black tea have a favorable influence on digestion. They act as prebiotics. This increases the amount of good digestive bacteria. By positively stimulating the intestinal microbiota, black tea promotes a flat stomach.

Black tea has an appetite suppressant action

Studies show that black tea also has an appetite suppressant action. Between meals, this slimming drink prevents snacking. At the end of the meal, drinking tea seems to slow down the passage of sugars and fats in the blood.