Quel thé noir avec du lait

All black teas can be drunk with milk. However, to follow the English fashion, Darjeeling black tea seems to be the most suitable to be mixed with milk.

Black tea with milk for more sweetness

Black tea with milk is a habit in England and India. Although its taste is milder, nutritionists do not recommend it because of its mixed health effects.

Black tea leaves are sometimes bitter. This is especially true if the drink has been brewed for a long time. Milk is a way tosweeten the taste. The Darjeeling black tea cup lends itself to this custom.

Why should I choose a flavored black tea over a milk tea?

Dieticians prefer recipes with lemon, honey or spices (pepper, cinnamon or ginger). Indeed, the casein in milk cancels out the health benefits of the antioxidants in tea. In addition, cow's milk is high in calories. However, some believe that the relaxing effects of milk reduce the drawbacks of theine.

To prepare a black tea with milk, you must first prepare the tea. Let the powdered tea bag steep for a few minutes in the cup of water, then remove it. The milk is only added when the infusion is ready.