Thé noir de Ceylan

At the heart of the legends, the black tea of Ceylon finds its origin in Sri Lanka. It is characterized by a strong taste. This black tea is often accompanied by a cloud of milk. Its consumption is more and more widespread. This infusion is usually consumed at breakfast.

  1. The history of Ceylon black tea
  2. Description of the characteristic aromas of Ceylon black tea
  3. How to prepare organic Ceylon black tea
  4. Black tea leaves for an original gift

The history of Ceylon black tea

It is in the second half of the 19th century that the first tea plants were planted in theisland of Ceylon. They replace then the agriculture linked to the coffee, the favorite of the country.

Since then, Sri Lanka has become the first producer of these exceptional teas. The black teas of Ceylon are the fruit of a fair and traditional agriculture. Indeed, the women harvest the leaves by hand from the early hours of the morning. Its origin is certified.

The product is subject to a strict framework in order to offer a perfect quality. Very appreciated by the French, the black tea of Sri Lanka is part of the classic ingredients of breakfast.

Description of the characteristic aromas of Ceylon black tea

The selection of Ceylon black tea is based on its quality as well as its taste. Generally organic, this tea is formed by cut or broken leaves. In bulk, it gives more flavor than in bags.

Ceylon black tea is characterized by a robust flavor. Sometimes considered full-bodied, organic black tea from Sri Lanka has a rather round aroma. Ideal in the morning at breakfast time, Ceylon black tea leaves a chocolate aroma in the mouth. Depending on its origin, it can also have a slight nutty taste.

Some organic black teas from Sri Lanka come from particular vintages. The black tea "Aislaby Pekoe" has a very aromatic flavor. The Ceylon tea "Pettiagalla" has a rounder and more balanced infusion. The Sri Lankan black tea "Waulugalla silver candy fop" is considered the most refined with its honey scent.

How to prepare organic black tea from Ceylon

For a perfect "cup of tea" of Ceylon black tea, it is important to get a delivery of a quality product from organic farming. Then the water and weight do the rest.

For a quality infusion, it is necessary to count 10 g of tea leaves for one liter of water. This represents about 2 teaspoons of product. The optimal infusion for the black tea of Ceylon is from 3 to 5 minutes according to your taste. For the deployment of the aromatic palette, a water at 95°C is the most adapted.

The organic black tea allows to start the day well. For more flavor, your favorite drink can be enhanced with fruits or spices. Its flavor is also perfect with rooibos, the famous red tea that is used around the world.

Plain or sweetened, Ceylon black tea is best enjoyed with a splash of milk, as in Sri Lanka. You can also add a small amount of cinnamon to make it even better.

Black tea leaves for an original gift

Fruit of a rigorous selection, the organic black tea of Ceylon is also a drink to offer. In bags or in bulk, it fits in a box or a gift box. Its price is affordable and its delivery generally fast. With such products, you will make stars appear on your taste buds.

Fair trade product, organic black tea from Ceylon perfumes all meals. Its gustatory nature raises the starred dishes. It can however be enough to replace coffee, the favorite drink of the French.