Quelle quantité de thé noir en vrac dans une tasse

For a quality drink, it is recommended to use 2.5 grams of loose black tea per 15 cl cup of water.

Brew black tea well for a rich tasting drink

Loose black tea, with its whole leaves, offers an inimitable taste. To get all the flavors, a precise dosage is necessary. Too much tea results in an infusion that is too rich in bitterness and theine. Powdered tea bags are well dosed, but do not offer the taste quality of loose leaves.

To prepare a tea with the perfect flavor, you must respect the dose of 2.5 grams of loose tea (half a teaspoon) for 15 cl of water. The leaves will infuse for a few minutes in the filter of a teapot. The temperature of the water should be warm but not hot. You can add milk after the infusion to soften the flavor.

How much tea should I use for a black tea blend?

Black tea can be blended with other teas in original preparations. It is a perfect match for rooibos in particular. To preserve the flavors of black tea, it should represent 50% of the blend. Larger proportions are necessary with certain fruits such as berries.