Quel thé noir choisir

Whether black, white or green, each tea has a unique taste. Originating from China, India or Sri Lanka, they develop a myriad of aromas. More bitter, sweeter or stronger, each organic tea corresponds to a palate. Discover which black tea to choose to suit your taste.

  1. Choose your black tea according to the cultivation of its leaves
  2. Choose your organic tea according to its origin
  3. Choose your tea according to its taste

Choose your black tea according to the culture of its leaves

Victim of its success, black tea sometimes loses its benefits due to a more industrialized culture or preparation.

Organic black tea for more flavor

Most traditional teas (from India or China) are organic. They are cultivated in the respect of tradition and nature. A slow growth, in the sun, allows it to acquire large leaves, full of flavors and antioxidants.

A black tea oxidized with tradition for more virtues

Theoxidation of black tea is a delicate maneuver. Done according to tradition, it preserves the health benefits of green tea while changing its taste properties. But today, some producers use industrial methods that spoil the flavors and antioxidants of the drink. The difference is a harsher taste and a more active theine (caffeine).

Choose your organic tea according to its origin

The market for tea, whether white, green, black or red (rooibos), is becoming increasingly diverse. However, if it is possible to obtain teas from all origins, Chinese and Indian te as remain the best.

Black teas from China, the most traditional

Chinese black tea is produced in the purest tradition. From beautiful leaves, it is oxidized for a long time with water and sun.

The main Chinese organic teas are :

  • Lapsang Souchong;
  • Keemun black tea;
  • Yunnan Dian Hong.

Oolong is a separate variety. Because of its low theine content, it can be drunk all day long.

Black teas from India, the most popular

Indian organic black tea is grown at the foot of the Himalayas. Although the leaves grow more slowly there, they are of a rare quality.

The main Indian teas are :

  • Organic black tea from Ceylon;
  • Organic black tea from Darjeeling;
  • Organic black tea from Nilgiri;
  • Organic black tea from Assam.

Ceylon black tea is the most widespread, but it is Assam black tea that develops the richest palette of flavors. Darjeeling is the ingredient of the famous British "cup of tea".

Choosing your tea according to its taste

Each tea develops its own palette of flavors. Some teas are drunk plain, while others are blended with spices, herbs or a cloud of milk.

Traditional teas, an incomparable taste

Luxury" teas such as oolong are self-sufficient. These teas are drunk plain, without sugar or milk. Their body notes are often powerful.

Some other teas are best enjoyed in the English style, with a splash of milk. These are mainly Indian organic teas such as Ceylon, Darjeeling or Assam.

Flavored organic teas, unexpected flavors

Flavored black teas are often underestimated. Sometimes closer to an herbal tea than a real tea, this type of drink is nevertheless popular in China, India and England.

The most famous flavored black teas are :

  • Earl Grey (black tea with bergamot);
  • Christmas tea;
  • Rose tea.

Earl grey is the most famous with a flavor very different from oolong or darjeeling. If all black teas (but also sometimes green teas or white tea) can be used as a base, the original recipe is the one with organic black tea from Assam.

Original teas, crazy notes

Lapsang Souchong black tea, the smoked tea from China, is an experience in itself. Its salty taste makes it a special product in the world of tea.