Peut-on boire thé noir enceinte

Yes, you can drink black tea while pregnant. However, it is recommended to consume a maximum of six cups per day. It is also necessary to drink tea outside of meals in order not to disturb the assimilation of iron.

How to consume tea during pregnancy

Black tea contains a high level of theine, the caffeine in tea. In high doses, it has an exciting effect on the body. The baby's heartbeat may speed up and cause anxiety.

Women who are sensitive to theine (or caffeine) should therefore refrain from drinking more than six cups a day. They can also turn to green tea or rooibos tea. The latter is completely free of theine or caffeine.

Some recommendations for pregnant women

Teas have many benefits for the body. However, their antioxidants also reduce the absorption of iron. During pregnancy, this can be problematic. It is advisable to pay attention to the iron level and to drink tea outside of meals. This way, it retains its virtues while avoiding anemia in the pregnant woman.

Some specialists also recommend accompanying the consumption of tea with a consumption of fruit rich in vitamin C. This favors the assimilation of iron and compensates the loss linked to tea.