Quand boire du thé noir

Black tea can be drunk throughout the day. Because of its theine content, sensitive people should not drink it in the evening. Similarly, women prefer to drink it outside of mealtimes to avoid disturbing the assimilation of iron.

Enjoy the benefits of black tea at any time

Black tea contains a higher proportion of theine than green tea. This form of caffeine, different from coffee, has an exciting effect in high doses. It is therefore not recommended for sensitive people to drink it in the evening.

It is then possible to replace tea by rooibos infusion, the famous red tea. This tea does not contain any exciting substances. But it has many antioxidants with interesting health properties.

Good to know: black tea interferes with the absorption of iron

Black tea is a healthy drink that can be consumed at any time. However, the polyphenols that give it its health benefits affect the absorption of iron. Women therefore generally drink it between meals. This way, they benefit from the virtues of the tea leaves without losing the minerals in the food. Black, green or white, all teas have this effect on iron.