Thé noir de Chine

China is the world's largest producer of tea, and since black tea is so popular in the West, the country has started to produce it for export. The Chinese take great care of their teas, and black tea is no here the Lapsang, Yunnan and other teas produced in China.

  1. The most famous Chinese black teas
  2. China and tea, a thousand-year-old history

The most famous Chinese black teas

China has several tea plantations. Each province has its own specificity, which gives the black tea a unique flavor.

Fancy a smoked tea? Try Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong was the favorite tea of Sherlock Holmes. Very light in theine, this caramel colored infusion can be drunk at any time. Its black leaves are smoked with spruce or cypress wood. It is a very fragrant black tea grown at high altitude in the Fujian province. To obtain its unique taste, its oxidation time is longer than average. It is available in bags or in bulk, and its smoky taste will delight your palate. It is used in many recipes. Salmon, with Lapsang Souchong, is always a great success.

Yunnan, the black tea that will make you forget coffee

For many, Yunnan tea, from the eponymous region, is one of the best in the world. Perfect as an introduction to tea, its deep red color contains woody and floral flavors, with a slight taste of honey and some spicy notes. Note that Yunnan is a province that also produces rice and cocoa.this tea can be enjoyed in the morning, after a few minutes of brewing in water, instead of your cup of coffee for a fragrant wake up can also be enhanced with spices or fruits.

The Keemun, for a sweet infusion

A sandy soil, a humid climate and a culture in altitude give this black tea a woody taste, sometimes with a note of chocolate. There are several varieties of Keemun black teas, their differences coming mainly from the type of leaves which can vary. Thus, the Keemun Mao Feng will need a longer infusion, while the Xin Ya will be less bitter. Hao Ya is of better quality and is used in many Earl Grey teas.

China and tea, a thousand-year-old history

Tea in China is a real institution, much more than the traditional "tea-time" in Great Britain.between culture, harvesting and ceremony, the Chinese love tea, which they drink throughout the day, and always have at home in a tea box.if green tea keeps their preference, they also like the variety and can drink black tea on occasion.

Black tea in China

If in Europe, black tea is a drink made of oxidized leaves only, it is quite different for the Chinese.Black tea for them is a tea that has undergone post-fermentation.This is the case of Pu-ERH.Coming from the province of Yunnan, it owes its name to the eponymous city.It is most often found in compressed form. As with wine, this tea improves with time, and it is not uncommon to see Pu-erh several years old.

The tea ceremony in China

The Chinese don't mess around with tea. The tea ceremony can be performed by anyone, but it is elevated to an art form when it is performed by a tea master. This ritual is called Gunfu Cha, which means to take your time. Everything is calculated: the teapot which rests on supports to collect water, the cups, two in number, the tray, the infusion time, etc. Note that the tea chosen for this ceremony is often an Oolong.