Quelle température pour le thé noir ?

To brew black tea, the water should ideally have a temperature between 80 and 95°C to offer a quality taste. Beyond that, the infusion loses its health benefits. Below this temperature, the range of aromas does not unfold.

How to prepare your black tea infusion

The tea leaves should never be boiled. Indeed, water that is too hot destroys the benefits of the infusion. A water temperature between 80 and 95°C is perfect for the preparation of the drink. Colder water alters the taste of black teas.

Heating the teapot and the cup for a perfect black tea

Before brewing, the teapot should be "preheated" with hot water. Then, the leaves are infused in new water at the ideal temperature for a period of 2 to 7 minutes depending on the variety of black tea. In China, the cup is also heated with hot water.

The flavors of tea are fragile. This is especially true if the tea is flavored with mint, spices or fruit. These infusions need exemplary preparation. The heat of the water determines the final taste of the drink.