Peut-on infuser le thé noir plusieurs fois

Black tea can be brewed several times. Quality teas allow two to three infusions without altering the quality of the drink.

How to properly brew multiple infusions of teas

Popular in Asia, multiple infusions of black tea offer many advantages. On the one hand, this form of infusion opens up the full range of flavors of the plant. On the other hand, it considerably reduces the level of tannins and theine. Ideal as an infusion for children and pregnant women.

To obtain good infusions, it is advised touse whole leaves. Indeed, the powder of a bag diffuses more quickly its flavours in the first water. The leaves need several minutes to unfold their properties. The water should not be too hot so as not to inhibit the benefits of the drink.

Brewing a black tea bag several times

To brew a tea bag several times, the timing is crucial. For classic black tea such as Darjeeling, you need to increase the infusion by one minute each time. The first cup is stronger in taste. The following ones are finer in the mouth and contain little caffeine. They are perfect for the evening because they do not have an exciting effect on the body.