préparation du thé noir

The preparation of black tea is a subtle balance. It is necessary to obtain a drink rich in flavors while preserving its virtues. The secret of success lies in this recipe: method, water and timing. Here are the steps to know how to prepare black tea.

  1. How to brew black tea leaves
  2. How to use water in the preparation of black tea
  3. How to calculate the infusion for a quality drink
  4. Tips for preparing black tea

How to brew black tea leaves

Each black tea has its own recipe. However, there is an immutable basis for the success of this tasty health drink. Here is the traditional way to prepare black tea at home.

The flavor of tea is fragile. It is important to preserve it from thermal shocks. To do this, purists use the announcement water. This step allows to heat the teapot and the cup in order to prepare them.

In a kettle, you need to heat water. Then, you pour it a few minutes in the teapot and in the cup. When the teapot is hot, you discard the water. Add your tea leaves (half a teaspoon for 15 cl). You put new water in the kettle, once it is hot, you pour it on the tea.

When the infusion is ready, you remove the water from the cups and serve. This way, the drink does not suffer from sudden temperature changes.

Using water properly when brewing black tea

The taste of tea also depends on the water used. If the water is too hot, it will degrade the ingredients. The benefits of the tea are then greatly diminished. Too cold, on the other hand, the water does not allow the aromas to develop.

According to the experts, whatever the type of black tea, a water temperature between 80°C and 95°C is ideal.

Calculate the infusion for a quality drink

Organic matcha tea and organic white tea require short infusions. On the contrary, black tea requires longer infusions for more intense flavors. In any case, the infusion time of black tea depends above all on its origin.

Darjeeling black tea, the most common, requires an infusion of 2 to 4 minutes. Oolong, a black tea from China, is more fragile and can be brewed in 2 to 3 minutes maximum. Lovers of very dark teas can push the infusion to 7 minutes.

You should also be aware that loose leaf te as release their flavors more slowly than powdered teabags. Also, spiced teas require a shorter infusion to avoid the bitterness of black tea. Indeed, it is impossible to put milk in a spice tea.

Tips for preparing black tea

For a tea with a wide range of flavors, you need 2.5 g of leaves for 15 cl of water. The classic tea bag often has a well-dosed quantity, but of poor quality. Loose black tea is the best solution for a rich tasting home recipe. If you want a richer flavored drink, it is better to increase the infusion time than the quantity of tea.

If in China all teas are drunk plain, the full-bodied black teas of India are perfect for the tradition of milk tea.

Black tea is used as a beverage, but also as an aromatic in cooking. It can be combined with fruits in subtle or refreshing blends. However, such blends must contain more than 50% black tea or the flavors will be missed.