Quelle est la couleur du thé noir

Like all teas, black tea comes from the camellia sinensis. The initial color of its leaves is green. However, they are fermented and become darker. The color of the beverage also intensifies.

Different colors of tea, one origin

All teas, with the exception of red tea, come from the Camellia senensis tree in China. The colors of the different teas depend on the fermentation of the leaves after oxidation.

White tea has the most natural coloring. Green tea is the one that undergoes only a weak fermentation. Black tea is the one with the most important fermentation. The beverage then has a more intense coloration due to the oxidation of the leaves.

What gives black tea its dark color

To obtain black leaves, we use the oxidation method. The tea leaves are crushed, moistened and placed in sunlight. They blacken and change their taste. This technique does not alter the benefits of black tea.

Green or black, teas are very good drinks for health. The color is above all a question of manufacturing technique. The taste of black tea is a little more pronounced. Its color is more intense and can be used as a hair dye.