thé noir ou thé vert

Green or black, tea has important health benefits. If the coloring modifies a little its composition, the tea remains a health partner, whatever its color. Black tea is oxidized and fermented. Its antioxidants are different, but just as interesting. Fermentation also gives it a stronger theine and a more intense taste. Here is how to choose between black and green tea.

  1. The secrets of making black and green tea
  2. The benefits of teas under the microscope
  3. To each tea its moment

The secrets of making black and green tea

Whether it is white, green or black, each tea comes from the leaves of the tea plant. It is at the time of plucking that the preparation of the leaves is different. Some teas have an oxidation phase, others do not.

The making of green tea

Green tea as well as white tea is the reference drink in China and Japan. They have the particularity of not undergoing oxidation. This allows to preserve all their health benefits.

The making of black tea

Black tea requires an oxidation of the leaves of the plant. They are dried and fermented for a long time. This modifies their properties a little. Moreover, this preparation makes them "richer" in theine.

The benefits of teas under the microscope

Teas, whether black or green, provide many benefits to the body. However, since their antioxidants are different, their actions are also distinct.

The virtues of green tea

The different varieties of green tea are rich in antioxidant substances. Polyphenols and catechins abound to protect the body.

Green tea consumption is known to:

  • Promote weight loss;
  • Reduce the risk of cancer;
  • Fight fatigue;
  • Protect the body from oxidative stress.

Green tea recipes also reduce the absorption of iron from the diet.

The virtues of black tea

Black teas are richer in theine. However, fermentation modifies their antioxidant composition. They therefore contain an interesting quantity of theaflavins, another substance of the polyphenol family. This theaflavin has interesting effects on the body.

The consumption of organic black tea has favorable effects on :

  • Weight loss;
  • Protection against prostate cancer;
  • Regulation of the cardiovascular system.

Like green tea, black tea reduces theabsorption of iron from food.

To each tea its moment

Tea leaf infusions are suitable for everyone. However, depending on your sensitivity, it is recommended that you pay attention to the theine (caffeine) content in order to benefit from the drink.

Morning tea, an energizing black tea

Rather rich in theine, black tea is, like coffee, a morning drink. This form of caffeine produces an energizing effect. Purists drink it in the afternoon during the traditional"cup of tea". It is then accompanied by a cloud of milk. If some people drink black tea in the evening, it can have a negative impact on sleep.

Evening tea, a low-caffeine green tea

Green tea infusion is rich in antioxidants and low in theine. It is drunk throughout the day. A cup of green tea is best consumed after meals to reduce fat absorption. Simply infuse the leaves in a little hot water.

Black "oolong" tea can also be drunk in the evening. Indeed, this tea, of great quality, is one of the rare black teas to be low in theine.