Peut-on boire du thé noir le soir ?

Black tea can be drunk in the evening. However, its high theine content can cause insomnia in the most sensitive people. It is then possible to replace it by green tea or rooibos infusion.

Black tea and sleep

A good cup of hot tea brings a relaxing effect. It is its vasodilator effect that allows the body to relax. Drinking a hot beverage in the evening is a perfect accompaniment to a sleep ritual.

Unfortunately, black tea contains a high level of theine. Theine is a form of caffeine with exciting properties. Less energizing than coffee, black tea disturbs the sleep of the most sensitive. It is therefore advisable to drink it earlier in the day and to limit yourself to a maximum of eight cups.

Black tea dethesized

Tea can also be de-tethered with a pre-infusion. The drink loses a large part of its caffeine, but also its tannins. For the evening, green tea or white tea are less exciting. There is also the possibility of a rooibos infusion, a beverage without theine, but rich in antioxidants. This "red tea" also has many health benefits.