Tea Boxes

Discover our organic loose tea boxes! To offer or to enjoy, all our boxes are composed of a selection of our best organic teas and herbal teas. Whether you wish to be introduced to the flavors of the original teas, or to make a detox cure, each box offers you a moment of pure pleasure. A box of loose tea is an ideal gift to offer at Christmas or for a special occasion. We have composed for you 7 different boxes to adapt perfectly to everyone's tastes.

Choose your organic tea box

Purists will immediately choose our World Tea Gift Set with some of the world's finest teas, while beginners will be able to start with our Discovery Tea Gift Set. Those looking for an original tea set can choose between our Ayurvedic herbal tea set or our iced tea set. And for those who take care of their figure, we have grouped our best teas and slimming teas in a box. Our detox cure is also very appreciated, it is composed of 3 infusions formulated with teas and plants specifically chosen for their draining and detoxifying action.

A box of loose tea to offer or simply to enjoy

At Thés et Traditions, we only offer loose tea, because it is much better preserved than teabags. Our tea boxes are presented in a perfectly sealed freshness bag that keeps the tea perfectly protected from light. You will enjoy a perfect tasting for several weeks. Organic loose teas are also of better quality than others. They offer large leaves that dispense their full flavor into the cup. Our boxes are therefore an ideal gift for a quality tea lover.

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