Quelle tisane choisir

Herbal tea is theone of the most consumed drinks with tea and coffee. In fact, it is part of our daily life and our food. However, do we really know what infusion is and how to choose it ? Infusions are often perceived as grandmother's remedies.Choosing the right herbal tea is essential. Each plant that composes an herbal tea is source of virtues and has its own characteristics. You must therefore make this choice according to your needs and the benefits you are looking for. Which brand of herbal tea to choose and which type? Discover all you need to know about herbal tea.

Which herbal tea to choose for which ailments ?

Choose your infusionIs important for to relieve pain and discomfort of which we are victims on a daily basis, thanks to the phytotherapy. The plants that make up the herbal teas are rich in antioxidants and active ingredients. Some herbal teas of medicinal plants can be drunk on a daily basis without any danger to your health. However, they are often sold only in pharmacies.

There are different preparation methods such as maceration, decoction or infusion. In all cases, fresh or dried flowers, roots, stems or leaves of plants are used in hot water. The most consumed herbal teas are composed of heather, chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, orange tree, meadowsweet, lime tree or verbena. Thanks to these drinks, you will be able to reduce stress, reduce bloating and improve your digestive system. Some plants have a laxative and diuretic power. In this case, these herbal teas are often used as part of a diet to complement a balanced diet. Others are soothing and help you relax and fall asleep at bedtime. L'infusiondetox is also very popular because it Eliminates toxins of your organization and you purifies from the inside.

Which herbal tea to choose: the different herbal teas

What are the different kinds of infusions ? The digestive teas help and stimulate digestion, especially after an excess of food. The plants used are then the peppermint, verbena, licorice, fennel or sage. These drinks have a antispasmodic power and relieve you from bloating, flatulence and abdominal pain. The draining infusions promote the elimination of toxins from your body. These are composed of ash, birch, meadowsweet, star anise, hibiscus or cherry stem.

Among the different infusions, there are also the calming herbal teas. These are recommended to act on sore throat or fever when they are based on sage, chamomile, orange tree, thyme, marshmallow, licorice or lavender. The effect is also appreciable to help you find sleep more quickly. In this case, opt for herbal teas with lemon balm, valerian, passionflower, chamomile, verbena or linden. Finally, you can choose ainfusion for slimming. This time, artichoke, birch and rosemary will be your best allies thanks to their depurative function on the liver. Which herbal tea to choose ? Discover below the specificities of each infusion.

Ayurvedic herbal tea

The ayurvedic infusion is fully part of the different herbal teas consumed daily. This tea is based on the principles of the Ayurvedic tradition and the traditional Indian medicine. This is why we find Indian spices such as cardamom, ginger or cinnamon in these preparations. The objective of this tea rich in vitamins and antioxidants is to bring you a certain digestive comfort.

It aims to reach your physical and mental well-being so that your body is in harmony with your mind and spirit. These natural remedies are based on the concepts of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, it is related to the elements of air, fire, water and earth.

The detox tea

Which herbal tea to choose when you want to get your body in order? The detox infusion is then entirely recommended. Infusing this drink in cure will have a draining, purifying and detoxifying aspectOn your body. In addition, it also helps you to improve your transit, reduce bloating and water retention. Finally, the detox cure is also felt on your complexion, the skin becomes more hydrated and luminous. It is ideal after overeating or between the different changes of seasons. These drinks promote the elimination of toxins and waste by your kidneys, liver and intestine.The plants used to make these herbal teas are ginger, cherry stem, dandelion, birch, nettle and hibiscus.

Draining herbal tea

Infusion what to choose ?The infusiondraining is used for reduce the effects of water retention and improve the proper functioning of your metabolism. The goal here is toEliminate toxins present in your body, promote circulation and elimination. We often find a composition in birch, sapwood, ash, meadowsweet, dandelion or pineapple, a tonic drainage system.

This medicinal drink can be used in treatment and as a complement to a slimming and flat stomach diet. It is also an effective way to help you to destock fat gently after childbirth. In all cases, prefer organic products in a herbalist's shop. They come from a sustainable agriculture to focus on quality products that are good for your health and the environment.

The slimming infusion

Herbal tea which one to chooseto go on a diet? The slimming herbal tea can be consumed in cure to lose weight. However, do not be mistaken. This drink intervenes in addition to a balanced diet and sports activities. The most effective plants for slimming are artichoke, guarana, mate, fennel and red vine. You can consume them alone or mix them to increase their depurative and diuretic action.

Let these infusions brew in order to feel a internal gastric and digestive comfort. Your intestinal transit will be improved and you will have a feeling of satiety and appetite suppressant to avoid untimely snacking. The lemon ginger slimming tea is ideal for a fat burning effect and to slim down more quickly.

The anti-stress infusion

Which herbal tea to choose to fight stress? Select aAnti-stress tea, is to relieve one's body and mind of worries and nervous anguish associated with daily life. These inconveniences can indeed disturb your breathing but also your transit and your sleep. The anti-stress tea avoids you to have recourse to anxiolytics, thanks to its sedative and calming effect.

Indeed, the latter soothes you with its rich composition in passion flower, chamomile, hawthorn, valerian and St. John's wort. It can be consumed during the day to bring you serenity and relaxation as well as in the evening to help you find sleep more easily.

The pregnancy infusion

Pregnancy herbal tea is a source of benefits for you and your child during these nine important months. This last one allows indeed to strengthen your protectionImmune system thanks to the presence of antioxidants. Also note that it allows you to properly hydrate yourself.

This infusionanti-inflammatory can help you to to reduce the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea or constipation. It can best prepare you for day of delivery and improve breastfeeding of the baby. Chamomile, orange blossom, peppermint, raspberry and verbena are plants recommended for pregnant women.

Breastfeeding tea

Breastfeeding infusion mainly helps you to improve the quantity and quality of your milk in the context of breastfeeding. Indeed, your baby will need to feed in quantity, mainly during the growth peaks. If you can't provide for your child, breastfeeding tea can be a great way to stimulating help.

It is also a valuable ally in getting more milk when you return to work after maternity leave. Finally, ingesting this tea can help to relieving your newborn if the latter is a victim of colic and intestinal discomfort.

The flat stomach tea

The belly is often the place where fat is stored first.The flat stomach tea is rich in antioxidants. It promotes intestinal transitWith its diuretic and laxative action and allows you to feel lighter and less swollen. It is a perfect help to refine your silhouette and reduce your waistline.

Which herbal tea to chooseafter childbirth? The flat stomach infusion is ideal for quickly regaining an ideal weight and losing excess weight in the abdominal belt. In the composition, we can then find the green tea, excellent fat burner but also the ginger or pineapple.