Tisane anti stress

Today, herbal tea is one of the most consumed beverages on a daily basis but do we really know which herbal tea to choose according to the disorders from which we suffer? Indeed, herbal tea is a source of benefits and each plant used has useful virtues to cure certain ailments in particular. If you suffer from stress, the anti-stress infusion is the most recommended to relax you effectively. Let's go into more detail about this specific herbal tea.

Which anti-stress herbal tea to get rid of anxiety?

We are all confronted at some point in our lives with stress and anxiety, whether in our personal or professional lives. This permanent feeling of anxiety can end up bothering you during the day and disturb the quality of your sleep. On average, 16% of French people are affected by stress in their lives. Symptoms range from a feeling of tightness to an accelerated heart rate to a knotted stomach. However, do not worry, it is not always necessary to turn to anxiolytics to reduce the symptoms.

There are herbal teas or infusions. Indeed, anti-stress herbal teas have been proven to alleviate your troubles. This is the case with passion flower, chamomile, hawthorn, valerian or St. John's wort. Talk to your doctor to check that there are no contraindications and then respect the quantities and precautions for use. The anti-stress relaxation infusion aims to bring you a beneficial relaxing help during the day when the stress is too intense.

The anti-stress herbal tea and the plants which compose it

Which anti-stress herbal tea? Passionflower is one of the most used plants for its calming virtues. Indeed, it is the basis of one of the best anti-stress herbal teas. The relaxing anti-stress herbal tea with passion flower allows you to relax and have a better sleep. You can associate it with other anti-stress herbal teas such as hawthorn or valerian if you have great difficulty in falling asleep. Consume this tea before going to bed.

The anti-stress herbal tea can also bemade of other plants such as lemon balm. The latter has the capacity to make you quickly find calm and serenity. If this is not enough to calm you down, don't hesitate to add a drop of marjoram essential oil on half a piece of sugar to your tea. Finally, other plants are always ideal to make an anti-stress tea. It is for example the case of the camomile, the verbena and the lavender anti-stress herbal tea which will contribute to bring you serenity and relaxation .

The organic anti-stress herbal tea, your best ally for serenity

You wish to opt for a high quality product to alleviate your anxiety problems? Opt for theorganic anti-stress infusion. It is made of plants and fruits from organic and sustainable agriculture. The objective is to bring you the best benefits of herbal teas without theine. Don't hesitate to ask for organic anti-stress herbal teas from an organic store or a herbalist. It is indeed preferable to inform you beforehand in order to have a product adapted to your personal situation. For example, there are herbal teas specifically dedicated to help digestion or infusions for breastfeeding.

The natural anti-stress herbal tea and pregnant woman

During pregnancy, it is imperative to be careful with the herbal teas you consume. For example, avoid products made with saffron, rhubarb, sage or fennel. Instead, drink a natural anti-stress herbal tea or an herbal tea with verbena, orange blossom, lemon balm and linden. It is advisable to drink a cup in the evening before going to sleep to promote sleep .

During the last month of pregnancy, an anti-stress infusion made with raspberry leaves can also be recommended. It prepares you for childbirth. Finally, if you wish to obtain an effective anti-stress herbal tea, you can create your own anti-stress herbal tea for pregnant women. For example, mix vervain with thyme and mint, taking care to wash the leaves properly in cold water.