Vervain herbal tea

Verbena, verbena officinalis, is often used as an infusion and is one of the most widespread herbal teas in phytotherapy. If we know its virtues on the sleep, it treats many health problems thanks to its properties. Digestion, mouth ulcers, rheumatism..., discover all the secrets of verbena tea.

Why use vervain tea?

Vervain is a plant used since antiquity for its medicinal virtues. The benefits of verbena on health and its medicinal properties are no longer to be proven.

There is not only one verbena, but "many verbenas". Several species make up this family of plants. Two of them are very well known in phytotherapy: the officinal verbena and the fragrant verbena. You can choose one or the other according to your needs. A herbalist consultant can evaluate your needs.


The virtues of vervain in infusion

  • Relieves digestion and spasms
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antipyretic to fight against fever

The benefits of the scented verbena in herbal tea

  • Soothes stress and nervousness
  • Helps to fall asleep and fight against sleep disorders
  • Antioxidant

If verbena leaf is often used in infusions, essential oils offer another way to take advantage of the properties of this plant and to treat other ailments, in local treatment for example.

Treating health problems with a verbena infusion

Vervain leaves in infusion have a direct action on digestion. The list of ailments relieved by a simple tea is long: heaviness, spasms, nausea, diarrhea... Vervain is good for your stomach and helps you feel better.

Did you know that this plant offers benefits on premenstrual pain? A natural and simple remedy, vervain tea acts against painful and irregular cycles.

The most widespread virtues of verbena leaves remain those related to sleep disorders. It is customary, for insomniacs or those who wish to have a good night's sleep, to prepare a vervain tea after the evening meal. With its relaxing properties, it soothes the mind and relieves stress and nervousness. Its use is therefore recommended during difficult periods when slight depressions set in.

How to prepare a vervain tea?

A homemade tea is very easy to prepare to take advantage of the virtues of vervain. If you don't have the opportunity to pick verbena flowers in the wild, go to a herbalist's shop to choose a quality organic product.

Then, you just have to let the whole leaves infuse with boiling water, lightly lemony.

To vary the tastes, you can choose a lemon verbena, a mint verbena infusion, or add the properties of linden tree to your recipe For disorders related to nervousness, a chamomile verbena infusion helps to "let go" . Add a few drops of orange blossom if needed.

The point on the contra-indications of this plant

As far as herbal medicine is concerned, there are contraindications and vervain is no exception to the rule. It is preferable to ask advice to your doctor or to get information from your herbalist before multiplying the products stemming from vervain flowers.

Know that drinking a vervain tea during pregnancy is not recommended. The plant can also affect the action of medication and cause undesirable effects on your health.