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Elderberry is a powerful antiviral plant with many benefits for our body. To benefit from its many medicinal virtues, especially against winter ailments, elderberry is used in infusion. Elderberry tea is one of the most popular herbal teas in phytotherapy to accompany you during the cold season.

What are the properties of elderberry tea?

In France, the elder flower grows in the wild in spring in white clusters. The flowering period lasts about six weeks, before giving way to the berries. Did you miss picking the flowers? Don't worry, from the bark to the berries, everything is possible with the elderberry. With the fruits, you can always prepare a delicious elderberry jam with useful medicinal properties for your health.

What are the uses of elderberry?

If it is possible to make elderberry wine with the flowers of the plant, in terms of herbal medicine, the infusion most recommended. Thus, you benefit from a natural, healthy and effective remedy. The elderberry syrup is also famous.

To find quality products, go to a herbalist's shop or to specialized stores to get organic black elderberry flowers in bags.

The medicinal properties of elderberry leaves useful for health

The active ingredients contained in elderberry give it several medicinal properties. From its scientific name, the sambucus nigra is known for its benefits on the ENT system. The elderberry has interesting properties to our health. The plant is :

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antihistamine
  • Anti-rheumatic
  • Antiviral
  • Diuretic

In herbal teas, the virtues of organic elderberry and its flowers intervene in any season to help your body not to be exhausted. In winter, the plant and its antiviral action fight against colds and flu. In spring, the flower and its antihistamine virtue help you to face allergies, including the famous hay fever.

Recipes for dried elderberry flower tea

The use of elderberry flowers in an infusion can be accompanied by lemon, honey or ginger and some spices. The recipe depends mostly on your taste. However, be sure to boil the water well and infuse the leaves for 10 minutes.

For those who like herbal medicine and natural remedies, elderflower sachets are a must-have in your cupboards.