Tisane d'ortie

Nettle leaves contain vitamins and minerals in large quantities. Their decoction is used to remineralize the body. Fresh or dried, nettles provide important health benefits. Did you know that nettle tea helps protect against prostate cancer? A real energy booster, this herbal tea must however be organic. Indeed, nettles grow everywhere. It is therefore necessary to opt for quality products whose origin is pure.

What are the health benefits of nettle tea?

For years, the nettle was considered a weed. Its seeds, very fertile, take root in any soil. However, phytotherapy has brought it back into fashion.

Nettle, the unloved of the garden

Nettles are divided into many sub-families. The best known are thewhite nettle and theIndian nettle, which have nothing to do with the stinging nettle (urtica dioica) used in phytotherapy.
Often mistreated by gardeners, the plant flourishes in all regions. The leaves are picked in the spring while the nettle seed reveals itself in the fall. The nettle root is available at both equinoxes.

Nettle tea, unsuspected medicinal properties

Rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron and silica, nettle revitalizes the whole body. Its medicinal properties have effects on :

  • pain such as rheumatism,
  • fatigue,
  • inflammatory problems,
  • weight.

The organic nettle tea has a depurative action. Its use helps to eliminate toxins and facilitate weight loss. The seeds and roots of the plant are not used for this purpose.

For benefits on minor disorders, a few minutes are enough. To treat benign prostatic hyperplasia or Crohn's disease, medical advice is required. The association of nettle root with an allopathic treatment is essential to recover health.

Nettle, an extraordinary beauty product

Stinging nettle tea also plays a positive role in skin and hair problems. As an anti-inflammatory, the plant reduces skin imperfections. As a mask or rinse, the teas stimulate hair growth.

How to use your nettle tea ?

Urtica dioica tea regenerates the body. For a complete action on the body, it must be organic and of good quality. Here are some tips to take advantage of the product's virtues.

The preparation of a nettle tea

Nettle tea is prepared by infusing leaves in water. According to Christopher Bernard, you need one liter of water for 15 fresh leaves of the plant. An infusion of 30 minutes is enough for a quality decoction.

The seeds and roots are not involved in the making of the infusion. Many chefs, such as Marc Veyrat, use them in gastronomic recipes.

The friendly plants of the nettle infusion

Organic nettles are plants that can be combined with many other medicinal species.

To revitalize the body, the dried leaves of nettle combine perfectly with lemon.

The inflammatory aspect, and in particular with regard to the skin, benefits from a synergy between nettles and chamomile.
Rheumatism and pain in general are relieved with a combination of nettle and black elder decoction. Dandelion can complete the benefits of these products although its effects are mainly depurative.

Contraindications to the use of nettle tea

Nettle is rich in iron. It should therefore not be consumed by people suffering from hemochromatosis. This plant also forms a bad association with medicines for the circulation.