Tisane pour la grossesse

Phytotherapy is nowadays more and more used as an alternative to drugs to fight effectively against the various daily ailments. Indeed, it is often a matter of consuming herbal teas or infusions and taking advantage of the plants and fruits that compose them. Did you know that it is also possible to consumeinfusions during pregnancy? Indeed, there is a special herbal tea created to relieve pregnant women. Let's take stock of this elixir and discover all the benefits of the herbal tea.

Pregnancy herbal tea, a source of benefits for pregnant women

The detoxinfusion during pregnancy is a source of many benefits for you and your baby. First of all, it is rich in antioxidants to reinforce your protection against cardiovascular or degenerative diseases. During pregnancy, it is advisable to hydrate in large quantities. Drinking herbal teas every day helps you do this more easily. There are different kinds of herbal teas to drink during pregnancy. This is the case of theinfusion pregnancy breastfeeding, the anti bloating pregnancy, the anti inflammatory pregnancy and the pregnancy nausea infusion .

These drinks are remedies for the various ailments of pregnancy such as nausea and bloating . You will also feel better in your body. These herbal teas also help you prepare for the day of delivery as well as for breastfeeding if you have chosen this feeding method for your baby. Use medicinal herbs such aschamomile, orange blossom, peppermint, raspberry, verbena, lemon balm, linden or red vine. Indeed, it helps to relieve you and purify your body before the arrival of the newborn. As menopause approaches, the infusion is also a soothing and digestive decoction to help you live better during this period.

Organic pregnancy tea, a quality product

During pregnancy, it is preferable to be careful with the products you consume. This is why we advise you to opt for an organic pregnancy tea. It is made from organic plants carefully selected to bring you well-being and relief on a daily basis. It is a way to be responsible for your health and the future of your child. To obtain these quality products, you can go directly to a herbalist's shop or organic store. Do not hesitate to ask for advice to have an herbal tea which corresponds in all points to your waitings.

Herbal tea pregnancy danger

There is a category of pregnancy infusion to avoid. For example, do not consume drinks with a strong laxative virtue. The bourdaine and rhubarb are therefore plants to be banned from your diet. Then, the infusions forbidden for pregnancy are products based on sage, hops or fennel. Indeed, these contain photo-oestrogens that are not recommended in your condition. Finally, we also forget about an herbal tea against pregnancy composed of saffron, licorice and flax. If you have the slightest doubt and/or symptom, do not hesitate to contact a doctor or your midwife. Apply the same advice for your herbal tea for breastfeeding.

Recommended infusion for pregnancy

Choose a detox or slimming infusion for pregnancy to eliminate toxins from your body gently and feel good about your body. To alleviate problems of constipation and bladder irritation during pregnancy, tryMallow flower infusion. Circulatory problems are reduced with a red vine-based pregnancy tea. Finally, infusing verbena and lemon balm will help you relax and sleep better.