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Today, you can find infusions on all the shelves of supermarkets and organic stores. This drink has many virtues and can relieve you from everyday ailments, depending on the plants inside and the associated benefits. Did you know that you can also consume it when you have just given birth and are breastfeeding your baby? It is essential to be rigorous about the choice of product, but there are indeed herbal teas created to promote lactation. Which herbal tea to choose when you are breastfeeding?

What is a breastfeeding herbal tea?

What is the purpose ofbreastfeeding tea? This drink can be a great ally if you want to breastfeed your child. In the breastfeeding tea composition, we find galactogenic plants that stimulate the production of breast milk. It is the case for example of the fenugrec, the galéja, the alfalfa, the nettle or the blessed thistle. Which breastfeeding herbal tea should I choose? Ask your doctor or an herbalist to choose the right product for your situation. There are bulk breastfeeding teas or even red fruit breastfeeding teas to make it taste better.

Doesbreastfeeding tea work? It can be useful if you are tired and/or stressed and this affects the quality and quantity of your milk. It can also help you to have more milk when you return to work after your maternity leave. It is also interesting during your baby's various growth spurts, as your baby demands more milk at these times. Finally, it can relieve him when he suffers from colic.

Breastfeeding herbal tea benefits

The infusion can represent for you many benefits just after your childbirth. Indeed, some galactogenic plants are endowed with interesting digestive properties, which makes it a perfect infusion breastfeeding digestion. Theinfusion breastfeeding colic can help you to face the suffering that your baby can experience during colic.

Thanks to the active ingredients present in the herbs of thebreastfeeding infusion, your child is soothed with the milk he consumes. Breastfeeding tea can be composed of fennel, vervain, green anise or cumin. Indeed, these plants increase the secretion of milk on the one hand but also soothe colic by promoting digestion and eliminating intestinal gas. However, avoid certain plants during breastfeeding such as parsley, sage, periwinkle or mint.

Organic herbal tea for breastfeeding

Which breastfeeding tea to choose? Always prefer a range of organic breastfeeding tea products. Opting for an organic nursing tea means choosing a quality product from an organic farming. The organic herbal tea for breastfeeding will deliver more benefits to you and your child with the organic plants and fruits that compose it. You can find the organic breastfeeding tea in a herbalist's shop or an organic store, especially in the form of bulk breastfeeding tea. You should also know that the herbal tea has an anti-stress effect that will be very useful to relax you during your busy days.

Infusion breastfeeding how long ?

Infusion breastfeeding when to start ? You can start after giving birth and at the beginning of breastfeeding. Infusion breastfeeding how long ? It is advised not to drink these herbal teas continuously for more than 2 to 3 weeks in a row. Concentrate on the times when you need to produce as much milk as possible, such as during the newborn's growth spurt.How many times a day should I drink herbal tea?You can consumenatural breastfeeding tea two to three times a day. Don't forget to drink plenty of water to support breastfeeding.