Tisane au citron

Enter the world of flavors with lemon tea! Its tonic and acidulous taste will awaken your taste buds, and you will benefit from the numerous virtues of this fruit used for thousands of years for its curative properties. Combined with honey, ginger and other spices, it will increase its benefits on your body tenfold. Hot or cold, our fruit tea recipes are to be enjoyed without moderation.

The slimming benefits of lemon tea

Lemon is a natural slimming ingredient. Associated with a balanced diet, its richness in vitamin C recharges the body, which burns more calories. Lemon tea is suitable for the end of meals. The water it contains promotes thedraining action of lemon, helping to rid the liver of toxins accumulated in the body. The lemon, by cleaning the liver and digestive system, helps digestion. The fruit teas allow multiple associations of flavors. A zest of ginger or turmeric in your preparation promotes weight loss. Ginger is a natural fat burner, and one of its properties is to reduce cholesterol. Turmeric is not to be outdone in terms of slimming. Soft and discreet spice, its virtues are powerful. Ginger and turmeric, ingredients that it is good to have at home, to make the most of lemon.

Infusion lemon-ginger: the association health detox

The lemon infusion is an anti-fatigue and detox ally. These benefits of lemon have been known for thousands of years. Taken in the morning, it allows to start the day well. Thanks to its diuretic virtues, it helps eliminate toxins from the body. Combine lemon with ginger, and you'll have an energy bomb in your cup in a few minutes. Vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, theassociation ginger-lemon boosts the body and stimulates the immune system. The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic properties of the ginger-lemon preparation help to fight against the evils of the everyday life. The body is purified. Ginger is not your cup of tea? Choose mint. Mint is one of the plants whose virtues is to reduce cholesterol. For a fresh and explosive infusion! Lemon, ginger and mint, essential health ingredients in your kitchen!

Some recipes for lemon tea to fight against the cold

When the cold weather sets in, sore throats and runny noses make their appearance. To fight effectively, add a spoonful of honey to your cup. Its softening effect will soothe your throat. Against colds, in addition to honey, use plants. A zest of thyme will fight viruses and bacteria. To be consumed hot, to take advantage of all the benefits of the association. A gourmet recipe for lemon tea.

If lemons are one of the healthiest fruits in the kitchen, they can also be gourmet. Thanks to honey and cinnamon, their acidic taste will be softened. Add a spoonful of one, a zest of the other to your water, for a voluptuous tea, combining spices, fruits and nectar.