Tisane pour se relaxer

In everyday life, we are constantly confronted with stress and pressure. Faced with this, there are tricks to relax you daily as the use of infusions. What is the use of herbal tea? Which herbal tea to relax? Which herbal tea to relax and sleep? What are the plants to choose and their beneficial effects on your body? Let's take stock.

Which herbal tea to relax and let go?

Which herbal tea to relax and fight against stress? There is a wide variety of herbal teas to relax. Nervousness can be the source of many disorders concerning digestion, sleep or weight. Depending on your needs and your symptoms, you can use a tea to digest, a tea to drain the liver, an infusion to eliminate or a tea to lose weight. The use of passion flower is ideal to relieve nervousness. Indeed, it proves to be relaxing and soothing and avoids the use of anxiolytics. You can associate it with hawthorn, verbena or valerian for a more important effect. Which herbal tea to relax? Another herbal tea to relax is made with lemon balm. It is indeed an herbal tea for better sleep. Which herbal tea for digestion and which herbal tea to lose weight? Chamomile, green tea, peppermint and artichoke remain safe values when used in herbal tea to facilitate digestion, herbal tea to purify the liver and herbal tea for a flat stomach. Indeed, it has a detox effect and relieves bloating.

An herbal tea to relax and sleep

Which herbal tea for sleeping? If you are looking for an herbal tea to help you sleep and an infusion to relax during the night, turn to some plants known for their beneficial effects. An herbal tea for sleep can be made of chamomile or linden. Chamomile effectively helps to fight against sleep disorders and insomnia by preparing your body to fall asleep. Linden helps you to fall asleep naturally if you consume it as a sleep tea or infusion before bedtime.

Vervain effectively reduces stress and anxiety before sleep. It is therefore an excellent natural and sedative remedy to help you sleep better. Lemon balm is a plant used in herbal tea for its soothing and calming properties. Combined with valerian, it helps to relieve tension, stress and anxiety in the evening. Finally, passion flower can also facilitate relaxation and sleep. Its sedative property is recommended for insomniacs and anxious people.

Choosing an infusion for your baby to relax

Does your baby have trouble falling asleep at night? Did you know that there is a chamomile tea to calm baby? Indeed, replacing the water of his bottle by an infusion to relax baby is a natural and soothing solution to help him fall asleep. This herbal tea to calm and put baby to sleep is one of the natural remedies used by many young mothers just like orange blossom water. Indeed, this one allows to calm the baby as well as the colics.

Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist and/or doctor about plants to calm baby, their medicinal virtues as well as the dosage to adopt. Finally, there is an infusion for breastfeeding mothers that can be useful in the early stages. It is composed of fennel and green anise and allows a better secretion of breast milk.

Organic herbal tea to relax

Which herbal tea to relax? As we have seen, there are different ways to relax and ease everyday tensions. Don't hesitate to use an organic fasting tea, a digestive tea or an organic slimming tea. These are composed of excellent quality ingredients for your body and to preserve the environment that surrounds us. Moreover, there is no caffeine or acids to facilitate a better digestion.