Tisane de thym

Among the herbal teas, thyme tea (Thymus Vulgaris in Greek) is renowned for its many benefits. Thanks to its fortifying and antiseptic virtues, it is very often prepared in winter to cure seasonal diseases. But not only! Did you know that thyme also fights against digestive disorders?

A thyme infusion to fight colds

Thyme is one of the most widely used medicinal plants for its antiviral and antimicrobial properties. The use of wild thyme or organic thyme in infusions is recurrent, especially in winter, to help relieve your body from seasonal infections.

In phytotherapy, the benefits of thyme and its numerous properties are no longer to be demonstrated. This is why it is also found in essential oils or even in thyme honey. The infusion of the leaves being simpler for a daily use, it is in herbal tea that we most often call upon it.

An antiseptic plant against respiratory infections

Also, in the event of cold in winter, to drink a cup (maximum three) of a thyme infusion per day is not useless. The recipes are numerous and often revolve around a mixture of lemon thyme honey or lemon thyme ginger.

  • A lemon thyme infusion soothes sore throats, relieves coughs and respiratory tracts thanks to its antiseptic virtues. It is appreciated in case of bronchitis.

To look after the cold and to support the sleep of the youngest

The virtues of thyme are also intended for children, from six years. This plant acts on the immune system of the youngest. In case of sleep problems, this infusion is known to improve sleep.

A thyme and rosemary tea to relieve digestion

After the copious and rich meals of winter, our digestive system suffers. You feel nauseous, heavy, you have trouble digesting... The liver crisis is not far! To help it detoxify, a thyme infusion is a lifesaver. It allows you, gently, to find more lightness.

The thyme-rosemary tea helps digestion. You can add a little mint and artichokes to your recipe to make it even more effective.

Where can I find thyme for infusion?

Wild thyme is a common plant in the flora of Provence. A simple walk allows a fruitful harvest. For the others, a visit to a herbalist's shop or a specialized store is necessary. Opt for organic thyme to take full advantage of its properties.

Thyme tea: in moderation

As thyme has a powerful effect, the infusion has contraindications and should not be taken for a long period of time, otherwise some undesirable side effects may appear. Do not consume this tea for more than three weeks.

However, it would be a pity to deprive yourself of the properties of thyme, so consume your herbal teas or infusions in moderation!