Pepermint herbal tea

Pleasant to the taste, the organic peppermint tea has many benefits. Of English origin, mentha piperita is used in the composition of products with recognized medicinal virtues. The menthol contained in the leaves of the plant acts against abdominal and muscular pains.

Natural remedy against colds and coughs, the infusion of peppermint alleviates the migraine. It treats digestive disorders and irritable bowel syndrome.

In essential oil peppermint has refreshing and anti-inflammatory properties. Find useful information and advice for using this plant for your health.

Tips for using the organic peppermint infusion


The mint is very common in France and is often used in herbal medicine and phytotherapy. Its benefits are concentrated in peppermint essential oils and herbal teas.

Externally, the refreshing effects of mint quickly relieve heavy legs. Anti-inflammatory, peppermint acts on arthritis and muscular pains like sprains. Natural antiseptic, peppermint oil soothes itching and treats skin infections.

When used internally, peppermint has a triple action: digestive, antispasmodic and antioxidant. The depurative qualities of the infusions stimulate the detoxifying functions of the liver. In addition to refreshing the breath, menthol ensures dental hygiene by eliminating bacteria.

Directions for use of the infusion of peppermint bio

Alone or associated with other plants, the mint infusion is a powerful remedy.

Prepare your herbal tea using organic peppermint leaves in bulk packaged in bags. Organically grown peppermint is a higher quality product. Infuse a handful of dried leaves in a sachet in half a liter of boiling water for fifteen minutes.

For irritable bowel symptoms, drink a peppermint infusion before meals. Menthol reduces nausea and calms stomach cramps and spasms. Its carminative action relieves bloating.

Mint's antibacterial and antiviral benefits treat respiratory tract ailments. Its expectorant action soothes coughs.

To relax and against migraines, drink an infusion of verbena and peppermint.

To stimulate your mental and physical vitality, drink a kombucha combining sweet spirulina and peppermint.