Maté matcha ou café

Every day, we look to our food tohelp us feel good in our bodies and have the energy to get through the day without feeling physical or mental fatigue. Several solutions are available to us, especially in the form of drinks. Indeed ,coffee has been known for many years to provide a boost when fatigue is felt during the day. However, it is not the only drink that has stimulating benefits. Other beverages have been on the market for a few years now and promise to have a stimulating effect on our body and mind. This is the case of tea, matcha or mate. What are the benefits of these drinks and which one should you choose according to your situation?

Opting for mate or coffee to boost your day?

Coffee is is one of the favorite drinks to start the day with strength and vitality. It is also what many people consume during the day to overcome fatigue. However, for some time now, the drink called mate has become a serious competitor to the traditional coffee. Indeed, mate vs coffee is now a real debate! Mate has many beneficial effects on your health, which can lead you to change your daily habits. Mate and green coffee contain about the same amount of caffeine, however, the stimulating effects differ from one drink to another.

Mate or coffee? When you drink coffee, it can be a source of nervousness whereas caffeinated mate gives you a a softer feeling of awakening of the body when you wake up. Indeed, the caffeine is less concentrated in mate and therefore better tolerated by your body. The diuretic properties of mate are also more important than in coffee. This is a considerable advantage if you want to keep your figure, eliminate toxins and/or lose weight. Mate also provides more nutrients with its composition of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, magnesium and iron. Indeed, this comes from the fact that it comes from a leaf and coffee from a seed. Between mate or coffee, it is also a question of taste!

Mate or matcha, which is the ideal ally?

Mate or matcha? These two drinks are often confused, because their name is close. In addition, both have numerous health benefits and are a great and are an ideal alternative to ideal alternative to coffee or energy drinks. Mate or matcha tea contain vitamins and minerals essential to the proper functioning of your body. Both help to reduce cholesterol levels. They are also natural detoxifiers. However, mate is richer in antioxidants than matcha. On the other hand, matcha contains catechinsunlike mate. This element is important to effectively fight bacteria and infections and stimulate your metabolism. As for caffeine, there is a higher concentration in mate. Maté vs matcha ? It's up to you to choose in terms of intake and taste the drink that best suits you between the two, but they remain quite similar on many points.

Maté or tea? The differences between these drinks

Mate or tea? People often confuse mate and green tea. Indeed, their names are similar and some benefits are similar. However, the concentration of caffeine is higher in mate. Mate or green tea are two drinks that have positive effects on your transit and your digestive system. Mate is a great ally in a slimming cure to lose weight because it acts on the metabolism of sugars and fats. Green tea also helps to burn fat. It is therefore a useful detox to lose weight. Athletes will prefer mate to reduce physical and muscular physical and muscular fatigue. However, you can also consume mate and tea in combination in order to obtain a better effect, especially if you want to lose weight.

Maté tea or herbal tea: the specificities

Man has been using plants to heal and soothe himself for thousands of years. The herbal tea allows to take advantage of the the many benefits of plants by using for example maceration, decoction or infusion. The herbal tea allows to keep its active principles for a long period of time. It is prepared with bulk herbs or bags that can be found in stores. Mate can be consumed as a tea with the leaves infused in hot water. Indeed, this creates a stimulating and diuretic drinkit has similar effects to coffee or tea.