tout savoir sur le yerba maté

The mate has become a fashionable drink for several years now, and is now more and more followers thanks to its numerous mate beneficial properties for you and your health. Mate is one of the medicinal plants whose virtues have been proven by recent studies. Where does mate come from, what are its benefits and how is it prepared? Let's see these different aspects now.

Mate: the drink with a thousand virtues

The mate is consumed today in the same way as tea or coffee, for its stimulating properties and its boosting effect. But this South American drink offers many other virtues, which you can discover in detail in this complete guide. All its benefits have made it possible to generalize its consumption everywhere in the world, to the point of having become the favorite drink of the famous footballer Antoine Griezmann !

Drinking yerba mate daily

Consumed daily, the mate will allow you to benefit in the long term from its multiple benefits on your health. The pure mate has a rather bitter taste but you can find many flavored blends in the shops to soften the flavor. Like tea, it can be drunk cold or hot, at any time of the day.

What is mate ?

What is mate? The argentinian mate is a drink that comes fromSouth America. The virtues of this drink are stimulating and beneficial. The traditional mate is increasingly consumed as aalternative to tea and coffee whether in its region of origin or in the rest of the world. As for the mate composition, this drink is rich in antioxidants, caffeine, B vitamins, potassium and iron. However, it does not contain no calories, which makes it a perfect slimming ally. The mate used to make the drinks with multiple virtues has its sources in the leaves of a tree. It is consumed like a tea, when its leaves are infused.

The history of mate: the origins of Argentine tea

Let's go back to the maté history. In the beginning, mate was discovered and used by the guarani people. They consumed it by chewing it during their long walks. The mate was both a currency and a source of sharing. It was then the turn of the spanish conquerors to take it over and then to Jesuits. Indeed, the latter have played a major role in the development of maté bresil then in its disappearance. It is only at the dawn of the 20th century that this singular drink made its reappearance in the form that we know today. After various studies on the subject, we can see that the yerba mate is only grown in its region of origin, this is between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. This is the tropical and humid climate which is favorable to the growth of this plant. This stimulating and beneficial drink is therefore also source of wealth for local people.

Why drink mate ?

The virtues of mate on the health are not any more to prove. Indeed, mate has a stimulating effect on your body when consumed regularly. Why drink mate ? This drink helps to combat physical and mental fatigue. Mate and hypertension are also linked. Indeed, the consumption of mate avoids high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. It is also a precious help against headaches, stress and nervousness. The mate also has the role of strengthen your immune system and improve blood circulation. The mate detox also has a diuretic aspect and allows a better digestion. It is thus an effective way to burn calories and get back in shape quickly. Yerba mate is also an ally for athletes. It allows effectively a better muscle recovery and prevents injuries and rheumatism. It is a quality anti-inflammatory. To finish, mate and pregnancy are not inseparable. In fact, it can help you relax and fall asleep faster. However, talk to your doctor to avoid any contraindications. In any case, if you consume it, it must be in small quantities.

When to drink yerba mate ?

Mate has many benefits but did you know that when to use it ? ? If you drink it in the morning, it will replace the coffee and have an appearance stimulating and energizing for your body. It's a way to have the energy you need to get through the day. You will also avoid the overly exciting effect that coffee can have. Drinking it in the morning also helps you fight against bad cholesterol. If you prefer to drink mate in the evening, it can be soothing and comforting for you. Indeed, it helps you to fight against insomnia and nervousness. You are thus relaxed and sleep is facilitated. It is advised not to exceed a daily consumption of two cups during the day. To finish, where to find mate? Go to a herbalist shop, organic store or tea store.

What are the benefits of mate ?

In the list of benefits of yerba mate, it is also used to treat headaches, fatigue and rheumatic pains. The green mate reinforces the immune system, stimulates your body and your intellect. The yerba mate is also recommended if you want to make a slimming diet and lose weight. The reason? You will immediately have a feeling of appetite suppressant and satiety. In addition, it is an excellent diuretic which helps to fight against water retention. Mate is an alternative drink for people who find it difficult to drink a glass of water several times during the day. Indeed, you will combat dehydration.

Maté and green maté: what is the difference ?

There are different variations in the types of mate that exist on the market today. The main distinction between mate and green mate lies in the color of the latter. The organic mate comes from organic farming. As for the taste, the bitter mate may not appeal to everyone. This is why there are nowadays many versions of flavored mate like lemon ginger mate or mint mate. Indeed, it makes the taste much more pleasant to the palate.

Tea, mate or matcha: which one to choose for a boost ?

Maté is used today as an ideal alternative to the classic drinks such as tea, coffee or matcha. What to choose? Mate or matcha, mate or coffee, mate or tea or mate latte ? All these drinks can help you get the energy to last all day without feeling tired. The coffee offers you a boost when you need it during the day but its exciting power can be too great. The matcha is a energy drink rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, its catechin content helps you fight bacteria and infections from the outside every day. The tea allows you to have enough energy to last the day thanks to its theine concentration. The mate is synonymous with gentle wake-up call for your body when you consume it in the morning. It also allows you to stay focused throughout the day. To avoid the disadvantages or exciting aspect of mate, it is recommended to do not exceed two cups of the drink per day.

Maté or green tea to lose weight ?

The mate infusion and green tea are two drinks often confused, by their names which are similar. There are indeed some similarities between mate and green tea. Slimming mate and green tea are natural drinks which promote a good transit and an ideal digestion. The cold mate is a fat burner which gives an immediate feeling of satiety and thus avoids the nibbling. Moreover, it contains no calories and is a natural appetite suppressant. Do not hesitate to consume green tea and mate in combination to burn calories and toxins even faster.

How to prepare mate ?

What is the mate infusion preparation ideal? There is no single preparation but a traditional one and some alternative versions like mate teré or mate cocido. The traditional mate preparation consists of pouring mate leaves into a container called a calabash then filter it and consume it with the help of the bombilla. It is just important to first pour a few drops of cold water to soak the leaves and then hot water before consuming.

The bombilla or calabash mate

The maté bombilla is an essential accessory for the preparation of the classic mate just like the calabash. It is a metal straw equipped with a filter to allow the infusion of the drink. The calabash is the traditional container which today can be made of different materials such as wood or ceramic. With these tools, you are ready to share a unique moment and to benefit from all the advantages and active ingredients that mate offers. Don't forget to clean them regularly.