Quesque le thé vert

The mate comes fromArgentina and the south of Brazil. The leaves of this tree are collected and represent real medicinal plants when you consume them regularly (as a drink). Indeed, these have a beneficial and stimulating effect on your body thanks to its caffeine composition and theophylline. The benefits of mate are numerous. The latter helps to combat fatigue, , strengthens your immune system and promotes a better blood circulation. Its composition in alkaloids allows an increase of your basic metabolism and you will spend more calories daily.

The polyphenol present in the leaves also has the unique ability to transform into antioxidants in your body. The benefits of mate of coca do not stop here. Indeed, the latter is composed of vitamin B, magnesium, minerals and vitamin C. This plant is thus stimulating on the one hand, but also diuretic and digestive on the other hand thanks to its composition in vitamins and minerals. Finally, mate can help you heal more effectively and alleviate skin problems.

Difference between matte and green matte: the types of matte

The benefits of yerba mate are numerous. The mate is a antioxidant drink which allows you to quickly reinforce your natural defenses, but also to fight against cell aging. What are the benefits of mate? This drink actively fights against cardiovascular problems thanks to a natural reduction of your cholesterol levels. It is also an ideal daily drink for people suffering fromhigh blood pressure. Mate is one of the natural remedies that directly affects your energy and your ability to stay focused throughout the day. Your nervous system is stimulated and the drink acts on physical and mental fatigue. Maté is a perfect alternative to the energy drinks that are usually found in stores. Finally, mate is recommended for athletes because it allows a recovery after exercise much faster and more effective than normal. Mate reduces muscle and joint pain.

The health benefits of mate

The health benefits of mate have been proven by numerous studies Scientific studies. This last one allows to relieve durably the headache which is caused by a bad blood circulation. It is an aid to fight against stress and nervousness. Drinking mate daily reduces risks of ignition. It is therefore a useful anti-inflammatory drink for people who suffer from rheumatism, arthritis or bronchitis. The medicinal properties are even more numerous. Mate helps to prevent and fight against cardiovascular disease, heart disease and diabetes. In addition, it has properties anti-cancer drugs useful in regular consumption. Finally, the hydrating character can be part of the benefits of yerba mate. It can be an ideal alternative for people who have difficulty drinking water during the day.

The benefits of mate to lose weight

The mate is often consumed as a food supplement. The benefits of maté slimming act on bloating, digestion and weight gain. Mate contains no calories. The benefits of green mate also affect people who want to go on a diet, lose weight and have problems with water retention. Indeed, the latter favors a better functioning of the digestive system, from intestinal transit and allows quickly to find the form. The mate allows to spend more calories. It is also a effective drainer which prevents too much sugar in the blood and reduces toxic substances in the body. This drink is a natural appetite suppressant and has a slimming power that reduces fat storage in your body. The mate is a precious help to get back in shape quickly. However, it does not replace meals and the necessary nutrients they provide. It must therefore be consumed in combination with a balanced diet and a regular exercise to make it more effective.

Benefits of Brazilian mate and contraindications

The benefits of green mate are numerous, but just as with tea or coffee, it is essential to do not abuse it. Indeed, in too high a dose, it can expose you to insomnia, palpitations or increased blood pressure. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor in advance to discuss together the benefits of Brazilian mate and possible contra-indications according to your situation. It is essential to know perfectly the benefits and harms of mate in order to consume it in herbal teas or infusions.