Pourquoi boire du maté ?

Mate is nowadays a very widespread drink and consumed as much as tea or coffee. The latter is originated in Argentina. To return in a few words on the history of mate, it is important to speak about the plant named "yerba mate "It is native to Paraguay and the north of Argentina. It is the people of the Guaranis who lived at the time in this location who used this plant with many virtues by chewing. From the 17th century, mate was developed and widely cultivated. It is now consumed in infusion. Why drink mate ? To consume this drink regularly in a cup or as a food supplement is beneficial for your health. It is a fact proven by scientific studies.

Drink mate every day

Drinking mate in the morning and drinking mate in the evening is recommended for its many associated benefits. First of all, it helps to promote good digestion and a better nervous system. The consumption of mate helps to fight against fatigue, whether it is physical or mental fatigue. It is a drink rich in vitamin B and with many anti-stress benefits. Drinking mate in a cup every day also reduces the headaches, nervousness, high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases. The fact of drinking mate every day provides important antioxidants to your well-being. In addition, it improves your digestive system and your immune system. There are also other medicinal properties related to the consumption of this drink with each meal. Indeed, rheumatism are effectively reduced and weight loss is stimulated. Regarding the contraindications, it is preferable to avoid consuming it with each meal if you are sensitive to caffeine. Indeed, it could be harmful and source of insomnia. Mate should be consumed after a doctor's advice on the matter if you have the slightest doubt.

Drinking mate to lose weight

Why drink mate to lose weight? The mate has diuretic qualities and can help you lose weight. Indeed, it is ideal to take care of your kidneys while leaving a appetite suppressant sensation and of satiety immediate feeling of fullness. The drink fills your stomach with liquid and prevents you from feeling hungry. The mate also helps to regulate your cholesterol level by effectively lowering bad cholesterol. However, you must still eat your usual meal, because mate does not provide all the nutrients necessary for your body to function properly. For drink mate to lose weightto drink mate for weight loss, steep about 10 grams of mate in a cup of water. Let it sit for a few moments before straining. You can drink mate cold, but in this case, the ideal is to consume it hot. Maté is a weight loss product because it has a zero caloric value. It is therefore recommended as part of a diet.

Why drink mate when you are pregnant?

Can we drink mate while pregnant? It is not forbidden, but you must calculate your consumption with care. Drinking mate during pregnancy can have many benefits, such as relaxing properties and making it easier to fall asleep. Moreover, it can be a perfect alternative if you have difficulties to drink water regularly during the day during the day. The mate can therefore be the basis of a balanced diet during pregnancy. However, be careful not to consume it in too large quantities so as not to reach a high acidity level. During pregnancy, women should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine daily.

Why does Griezmann drink mate?

Griezmann drinks mate and this is especially visible on social networks where he frequently posts photographs of this miraculous drink. Why does Griezmann drink mate? The soccer star drinks it regularly before training sessions in order to have all the energy to be in shape during the intensity of the during the intensity of the match.