Quesque le maté

We always wonder what to have at the end of the meal between a tea and a coffee, but mate nowadays, mate is more and more followers. But what is this plant coming straight from South America? Organic mate is both rich in caffeine and polyphenols and is drunk as an infusion like tea. This last one also offers numerous health benefits proven by doctors and scientists.

What is mate ?

What is mate? Mate is a drink traditionally consumed in South America, mainly in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and the southwest of Brazil. Mate in Brazil was first used by used by the Amerindians called Guaranis for its stimulating virtues. Maté and guarana are indeed inseparable when we talk about the history of this surprising drink. It was not until the 16th century that mate arrived in Europe. The success of Yerba mate is immediate in Spain and the Jesuits quickly start to deepen this culture. The mate is a leaf from a tree. What is the mate composition? This detox drink has the advantage of not containing any calories. It is on the other hand rich in vitamin B, potassium, iron and zinc. Mate is consumed like tea, by infusing the leaves.

What is mate and its health benefits?

Consuming mate regularly is useful against headaches, fatigue and rheumatic pains thanks to the presence of caffeine. This last one is in higher concentration than for tea, but less compared to coffee. However, as for these two other drinks, avoid consuming mate Brazil in too large quantities to not to risk insomnia or an increase in blood pressure. Mate is used medically to fight mental and physical fatigue. It also increases your immune system and your natural defenses. This drink is energizing and effective against bloating.

The caffeine present in the mate leaves will stimulate the heart and promote better blood circulation. It is a quality intellectual and physical stimulant. Indeed, this infusion acts against nervousness. But the benefits of mate do not stop there. This drink is also recommended if you want to to lose weight and to make a thin diet. It increases the feeling of satiety and appetite suppressant and the associated weight loss. In addition, it helps to reduce cholesterol levels. It is an excellent diuretic and laxative. Mate can be an alternative solution of choice for people who have difficulty drinking water throughout the day. It allows to fight against dehydration. Drink it as an iced tea instead of a glass of water. Finally, it is a quality source ofantioxidants.

What is green mate and how to prepare it?

You wish to to consume mate for its beneficial effects and its therapeutic virtues? The preparation is not complicated, it is similar to that of tea. It is enough to let infuse during a few minutes some mate leaves in boiling water to remove some of the caffeine. The taste is similar to an infusion. It is advised not to drink more than one or two cups per day. To find organic mateyou can go to organic stores, herbalists or in a store selling classic teas.

What is mate : the culture

We have seen what mate is, but also what are its benefits and how it can be consumed. Let's now go back to the cultivation of this product for a few moments. Mate is grown at room temperature, but the soil must be quite humid for the growth to be ideal. The main maté producing countries are Argentina are Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. In the local cultureculture, it can be consumed at any time of the day, it is synonymous with sharing sharing above all.