Bombilla et calebasse

Mate isa drink originating fromSouth America. It is so successful that it is now consumed almost as much as tea or coffee. Organic mate has recently gained popularity thanks to the footballer Antoine Griezmann, who has made it his magic potion. This atypical drink is concentrated in caffeine, antioxidants and iron. On the other hand, it does not contain any calories. We consume it more and more since its multiple benefits on our health have been scientifically proven. There is no doubt thatmate is good for us and its medicinal properties are well known. Indeed, in infusion, it actively helps to fight against mental fatigue, physical fatigue, nervousness and high blood pressure .

It is also an asset for a better digestion and an optimal protection of your protection of your immune system. Finally, the mate is often used as part of a diet with its slimming aspect and the sensation of satiety and appetite suppressant which results from it. There are several possible preparations to consume mate, but if you want to follow the recommendations of the traditional mate of Argentina, it is essential to get the necessary tools named calabash and bombilla.

Bombilla mate, the essential accessories to prepare mate

The calabash and the bombilla are accessories that are used to make the classic mate. Indeed, these two elements are essential to respect the tradition to the letter. The Argentinian maté calabash is the traditional container of mate, a kind of cup in which one pours the leaves of mate and the hot water. The bombilla is the metal straw used inside the calabash to easily drink the mate. The bombilla mate is equipped with a filter to allow the infusion of the drink and avoid you to suck the mate leaves during the tasting.

Calabash mate, use

The preparation of mate is within everyone's reach. It is just important to use the right tools and in the right way. For the preparation of the classic yerba mateyou must fill the calabash with ¾ of the mate leaves . Shake the gourd so that the powder stays on your hand. Then, tilt the container about 45 degrees to gently pour in hot to warm water to soak the bottom of your container. Let it steep for a few moments and place your bombilla against the edge of the calabash. You can then pour water again, but this time over half the mate. The preparation is finished, it's time to taste it. You can add hot water during the day to continue drinking the mate and enjoy its benefits as long as possible.

Bombilla calabash mate, the different variants

There is not only one kind of calabash mate. Indeed, depending on where you buy this accessory and the budget you want to spend, there are different kinds of gourds. You can for example opt for a natural and handcrafted wood matte gourd. Some versions of Argentine maté gourds may have a ceramic ceramic rim. You can also find models of ceramic matte gourd, leather matte gourd or handmade matte gourd. All these models are simple gourds, but there are also calabash on foot. The latter are large gourds with a larger capacity. They are particularly used to be able to consume mate with several people in a warm and in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Maintenance of maté gourds

The maintenance of the maté calabash is essential to be able to drink your beverage in this container safely. Start by cleaning the maté gourd before use. To do this, you must fill it with mate and pour hot water inside. Then let it sit overnight. After that, scrape the inner walls of the maté gourd to effectively remove the wood residue. Repeat this operation carefully, then rinse and let the calabash dry in the sun. You can then use it to drink the mate. For daily use, remember not to leave the yerba mate in the calabash for too long. Which calabash to choose? If you want an easy maintenance, choose more for glass or ceramic models. As for the bombilla, clean it after each use. About once a month, give it a more thorough cleaning by immersing it in boiling water for about 30 minutes before washing it thoroughly with a brush.