yerba maté et maté quelle différence

The mate is a plant that comes from South America. These herbal teas are widely consumed in this region of the world. This drink is traditionally drunk in a calabash with a filtering pipe. The mate is often used as a medicinal plant for its numerous associated virtues and its health benefits. However, did you know that there are different kinds of yerba mate? Indeed, we can find the traditional mate, but also a flavored version or even organic. The green mate is so called because of its particular color. It is often confused with green tea, but the components of these two products are not the same. Let's go back for a moment on these different variants of mate and on the mistakes not to be made between green tea, organic tea and mate.

Difference between mate and green mate: the types of mate

When we talk about this atypical drink, we can talk about mate and green mate. Their main difference is the appearance of the color of the latter. However, there are some distinctions between these variants. The classic mate comes from the leaf of the tree that produces it. This last one is first dried and crushed before being left to mature for about a year. Yerba mate is a natural stimulant that acts as a tonic for your body and mind. Indeed, mate is particularly recommended as an help against physical and mental fatigue. As for the green mate and health, it fights against cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. It is also a rich source of minerals. This slimming ally acts as a diuretic and allows a good elimination of toxins. The flavored mate was created to compensate for the sometimes bitter taste of this drink. Indeed, there are now matés with a pleasant flavor like red fruit, mint, lemon or citrus versions. Finally, you can find organic mate. This one has the primary characteristic of coming from manually sorted and organically grown mate leaves.

Mate and green mate, what is it?

What is green mate? It is native to the regions of South America, that is to say, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and part of Brazil. The drink called mate comes from a leaf and a tree. The green mate, so called because of its distinctive color, is composed of caffeine and polyphenols. You can drink it like a cup of tea. As for the green mate composition, it is rich in vitamin B, antioxidants, potassium and iron and contains no calories. The brazilian green mate is a detox drink often used as part of a diet because it facilitates digestion and is a slimming aid not to be neglected.

Green mate and green tea, distinctions to avoid confusing them

Green tea and green mate are two drinks that have certain points in common, but they should not be confused. To begin with, mate and tea do not have the same origin. Tea comes from the "Camellia Sinensis" plant, while mate comes from a leafy tree of the holly family. The leaf of mate is rich in mateina molecule similar to theine and caffeine. However, there is not the same dose of caffeine in the two drinks. Indeed, the concentration is higher in mate than in tea. As for the taste, tea offers a more varied range of proposals depending on its color and region of origin. The taste of mate is closer to an infusion with a slightly bitter taste. Mate and green are two natural remedies useful for your transit and your digestive system. Finally, the preparation of green mate and green tea is different. In most cases, the tea is brewed whereas mate is consumed in a calabash and filtered directly through the bombillaa metal tube.

Where to find green mate?

Mate and green mate are scientifically recognized for their therapeutic virtues and its beneficial effects on your health and your body. You can find it in organic stores, herbalist shops or in classic tea stores. You can find a variety of mate and choose the one that best suits your situation, your tastes and your needs.