Bienfaits du thé vert

To give a brief historical background, this plant has been consumed for 5000 years in Asia, as an ingredient in Chinese medicine. What distinguishes it from other teas is the manufacturing process itself. Indeed, its natural oxidation stops all at once just after the leaves are picked. It is this process that increases its content of beneficial components for your health. Drinking organic green tea is now widespread and extremely good for you for many reasons. In addition to having a great taste, it acts positively on different levels.

The benefits of green tea on the body

First of all, green tea is a great ally for your body in many ways. Generally speaking, drinking green tea on a daily basis will help you gain life expectancy, which is a good reason not to deprive yourself of it! Firstly, this tea tends to greatly facilitate digestion if you consume it daily. Secondly, it has the ability tobe a perfect antioxidant but also to act as ananti-inflammatory on your liver to improve its immunity and make it healthier. It is also a way to hydrate throughout the day that is even more effective than a simple glass of water, as well as a way to significantly reduce stress and high blood pressure thanks to its calming effect. In addition, green tea has a beneficial impact on our bone health. One of the other virtues of tea, and not the least, is to actively fight against certain cancers like lung cancer. Indeed, drinking tea regularly would help protect us against the harmful effects of tobacco and would be a great support for our immune system. Finally, it would help lower bad cholesterol.

The benefits of green tea to lose weight

The benefits of green tea on weight loss are also particularly sought after, in addition to all the advantages we have just mentioned. It has a significant capacity to burn fat in your body. It is its active ingredient, EGCG, that allows fat to be eliminated faster but also controls blood sugar and reduces weight. Green tea will primarily target belly fat. In addition to helping you slim down, it also helps you limit snacking throughout the day by properly balancing your blood sugar levels. It also promotes the use of insulin in your body, to reduce the level of sugar in your blood and the desire to snack as a result. It is therefore a natural and effective appetite suppressant as part of a diet or a desire to have a healthy and balanced diet. It has been observed that people who have been drinking green tea for several years have a lower fat content than others.

The benefits of green tea for the skin

We end here the panorama of the benefits of green tea on your health with a more aesthetic virtue. Indeed, green tea has the capacity tobe beneficial for our skin and to prevent skin allergies as well as the appearance of wrinkles. Its component, EGCG, acts here much stronger than vitamin E to protect you from the negative effects of free radicals on your skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant that has a very good impact on your skin cells by fighting against their aging.

What are the benefits of Chinese green tea?

The chinese tea is made by a particular process, which consists in heating the leaves at high temperature in a wok. This process eliminates the enzymes that are responsible for the oxidation of the tea. Chinese tea comes in an incredible number of varieties. One of the most popular, Gunpowder, offers undeniable health benefits. Known to significantly help weight loss, it indeed modulates the appetite thanks to its components and helps boost your metabolism.