Préparation thé vert

How to prepare green tea ?

The green tea is an excellent beverage but if you want to enjoy its flavors and virtues, it is important to know how to prepare it properly. There are many different rules to follow when preparing green tea, especially since there is a wide variety of different teas. To prepare your green tea successfully, discover in this guide how to brew green tea perfectly.

How to prepare Chinese green tea?

Chinese green tea is the oldest but also the most natural. Its typical flavor seduces the whole world but to enjoy its exceptional taste, learn today how to prepare it properly! Indeed, it requires a particular preparation. Traditionally, Chinese green tea is prepared in a clay teapot. You must be careful to reserve a teapot for each type of tea because the flavors are impregnated in the cast iron and can alter the taste if you change from black tea to green tea for example. A good green tea also depends on the quality of the water: choose a spring water with little mineralization. Then, avoid burning the tea with a too high temperature. If you have a kettle with a thermostat, now is the time to use it. Ideally, the temperature should not exceed 70°C. Pay attention to the duration of the infusion, which will vary according to the quantity of tea. These indications are indicated on your tea bag: pay attention to them. If you are wondering how to prepare Japanese green tea, the method is essentially the same. However, depending on the type of tea, you will need to adjust the temperature and brewing time according to the recommendations on the package.

How to prepare green tea with mint?

Green tea with mint to welcome guests or to finish a meal is an ancestral rite in North African cultures. But how to prepare Moroccan green tea in the best way? The typical tea is prepared with real fresh mint leaves and gunpowder green tea. Let it steep in your teapot by adding hot water and sugar. Moroccan tea is best enjoyed in small glasses and not in cups. The secret of this famous preparation also lies in the way of serving it. It is advisable to hold the teapot half a meter above your glass: this is not for folklore but to let a layer of foam appear on the surface. Now you are ready to make a delicious green tea with mint in the traditional way!

How to prepare green tea powder?

Still little known in France, matcha tea comes straight from Japan and offers a multitude of benefits. It is characterized by its presentation as a very fine green powder. If you are used to brewing tea leaves, you are probably wondering how to prepare matcha green tea? Follow our advice! Place a small amount of tea powder in a bowl and add hot water. Be careful with the temperature of the water so as not to cook the powder: ideally, it should be between 70°C and 80°C. You must then whisk the mixture until you obtain a foam. To achieve this, we advise you toinvest in a chasen, a small bamboo whisk specially designed to prepare matcha. Your tea is then ready for tasting!