Thé vert ou thé noir

Even though they come from the same plant, organic green and black te as do not offer the same benefits and differ in taste. Find out everything you need to know about each variety to make the best choice.

Differences between green and black tea for health

Teas come from a shrub called Camellia Sinensis. It is then the manufacturing process after plucking that determines the variety of tea. The fundamental difference lies in the oxidation of the leaves. To produce a green tea, the oxidation of the leaves must be stopped as soon as possible. Black tea, on the other hand, is deliberately more fermented. Since the leaves are not oxidized very much, green tea keeps most of the catechins and nutrients it contains. It therefore offers greater benefits than black tea. Green tea is particularly recommended for weight loss. On the other hand, it will not keep as long as black tea. Thanks to its long fermentation, black tea can keep its taste intact for years. Black tea has a more bitter and intense taste. It still contains interesting anti-oxidants, but in smaller quantities than green tea. It is particularly suitable to help digestion and calm stomach aches.

Choosing between green and black tea to lose weight

Tea is known to be an interesting ally when you want to get rid of those extra pounds. What variety of tea should you drink to accelerate weight loss? Are black tea and green tea equal for burning calories? First of all, before making a choice between black and green tea, it is important to mention that it is better to consume tea in bulk and not in bags. It should be kept in an airtight package in order to preserve its properties as long as possible. Then, tea, black or green, must be drunk pure, without adding sugar or milk. The catechins contained in tea have a fat-burning effect that is particularly appreciated when dieting. Green tea, being higher in catechins, seems to be more adapted to boost weight loss. These molecules, rich in antioxidants, reduce the feeling of hunger but also limit the storage of fat by the body. Be careful though: green tea is not enough to lose weight effectively. You must also completely rebalance your diet.

Green tea or black tea in the morning

Morning tea is a ritual for many people. The choice between green and black tea is often a question of taste, but is one more suitable for the morning? Ideally, it is recommended to drink a stimulating and energizing tea in the morning, to get a real boost to face the day. Black tea is therefore more suitable to invigorate your body and mind when you wake up.

Green tea or black tea in the evening

Drinking tea in the evening is often a source of insomnia. To avoid tossing and turning for hours in bed in search of sleep, it is not recommended to drink tea after 4pm. If you can't do withouta cup of tea in the evening, choose green tea, which contains less theine. You can also reduce its content by brewing it once and throwing away the water. The theine will be released to a large extent and you will then enjoy a much less strong tea.