Quesque le thé vert

The green tea has its origins in China, where it has been consumed for nearly 5000 years. Over the centuries, tea has become a beverage appreciated all over the world. Available in a multitude of varieties, it seduces with its unique aromas as well as its numerous benefits. In this guide, you will discover all the important information about green tea as well as many tips to appreciate its virtues and flavors.

Green tea: a tea to consume without moderation

Green tea is the most consumed drink in the world, after water. Empty of calories but rich in antioxidants, this drink is full of health benefits. Finally, a little pleasure that you can indulge in without feeling guilty! All teas come from a single tree: the Camellia Sinensis. It is then the drying and manufacturing process that creates different types of teas. Green tea is a specific variety, which undergoes a very short oxidation. It keeps a large proportion of beneficial ingredients, for the greatest happiness of your body. Lower in theine than its cousin black tea, it is a real source of antioxidants that help boost your metabolism. A drink to consume without moderation at any time of the day!

The different types of green tea

There are hundreds of varieties of green tea. Most of them come directly from China and Japan. To distinguish the different types, we must already separate two main classes: Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea. These two teas are prepared and consumed in different ways.

  • Japanese tea: Japanese green tea is characterized by a fermentation that is stopped after the harvest. The roasting is done with steam and thus allows to keep all the best ingredients of the leaves. The two most common Japanese teas are Sencha green tea and Bancha. The former is known for its excellent health benefits and is distinguished by its subtle flavor and slightly bitter taste. It is the most antioxidant-rich tea! Bancha green tea is also popular and has the particularity of being rich in iron. Recognizable by its yellow color when brewed, it offers a lighter taste. Finally, matcha green tea is also very popular. It takes the form of a fine powder and is prepared in the traditional way with a whisk.

  • Chinese tea: To make Chinese green tea, the process consists in heating the leaves in a wok at a very high temperature. This step allows to totally destroy the enzymes that trigger the oxidation. Longjing tea is a very famous variety of green tea, which is distinguished by its rather sweet flavor and its refreshing properties. Gunpowder green tea is also a popular category. It is a tea rolled in small pearls, which releases a very fresh and thirst-quenching taste.

When to drink green tea?

Green tea is a pleasant beverage to drink throughout the day. It allows you to stay hydrated while enjoying a delicious flavor. However, to get the most out of its virtues, drink it at the best time! Green tea is not necessarily recommended in the morning if you want an energy drink that gives you a real boost. Weaker in theine than black tea, it will be less effective to boost you in the morning. Green tea is ideal to drink throughout the day. Before meals, it helps reduce your hunger by filling your stomach. At the end of lunch, it will be ideal to help you digest. But be careful, preferably do not drink it while you eat because it prevents the assimilation of iron by the body. Even if it is less strong in theine than black tea, drinking green tea before going to sleep can cause sleep disorders. If you are very sensitive, avoid this type of drink in the late afternoon or reduce its theine content by first rinsing the leaves with a first infusion that you will throw away.

Which green tea to lose weight?

Drinking tea accelerates weight loss, as part of a balanced diet. This draining drink also helps to calm the feeling of hunger. Its many antioxidants have a beneficial effect on the distribution of fat and the absorption of lipids. To make the most of its virtues and to optimize the fat-burning effect, choose Japanese green tea as a slimming tea. Its manufacturing process allows to keep all the benefits of tea leaves.

Why drink green tea?

This beverage has been popular around the world for many years. Drinking green tea offers a comforting, convivial and warm side but it is also important to note its multiple health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, it has a beneficial effect on your metabolism. Often used in detox diets, it contains no calories but provides real benefits for your skin, mind and body.

How to prepare green tea?

To enjoy a good tea, it is important to start by choosing a good variety but also to take care of its preparation. Ideally, choose an organic green tea, in bulk. To prepare green tea, strictly follow the instructions on the package. The temperature of the water and the infusion time are essential criteria, which allow you to better appreciate the full flavor of your drink. Purists recommend tasting without sugar, but don't hesitate to add a little lemon, cinnamon or ginger to your cup, depending on your taste.

What are the benefits of green tea?

The< benefits of green tea are numerous and can be appreciated through daily consumption. It is mainly the antioxidants it contains that play a major role. Tea is known to reduce the risk of cancer and cardivascular diseases. It stimulates the brain and concentration thanks to the theine it contains. It is also important to note its impact when you are trying to lose weight.

Green tea or black tea: what are the differences?

Whether it is green tea or black tea, they come from the same tree but differ in their manufacturing process. Green tea is the one that undergoes the shortest oxidation. Thus, it keeps most of its antioxidants. Black tea, on the other hand, is a fermented variety. It keeps longer but is less rich in beneficial ingredients. It is also higher in theine. These two varieties also have a different taste.

Origin of green tea

The origin of green tea goes back to nearly 5000 years in China. There are many legends about its appearance. The most famous one is about the divine emperor Shennong, who would have discovered it by chance, when a tea leaf fell into his cup. For a long time, tea remained a luxury product, and its democratization was slow and progressive. Little by little, tea has broken free from the borders of China, then Asia, to become a drink widely consumed by all cultures.

Which green tea to buy?

You will find a wide variety of green teas on the market. To take advantage of their benefits, it is important to choose them well. So if you are wondering which green tea to buy, avoid the supermarket bagged teas: you should go for a quality green tea. Good tea comes in the form of whole leaves, which will swell when wet. You can recognize a lower quality by the crushed and dusty leaves.