Quand boire le thé vert

Drinking green tea every day has many benefits. This beverage has positive impacts on different levels, provided that it is consumed at the right time. To get the most out of its benefits, discover the right moments to prepare a good cup of green tea.

Can we drink green tea at night?

The question of tea in the evening is often debated. We must not forget that tea contains theine, a powerful stimulant, equivalent to caffeine. Sensitive people should therefore refrain fromdrinking it after 4pm, at the risk of seeing their sleep disturbed. Remember that green tea contains less theine than black tea, so it is more suitable if you want to drink it in the evening. It is also a real aid to digestion. To drink green tea before going to sleep and limit the risks of insomnia, you can reduce its theine content. Most of the theine is released during the first thirty seconds of infusion. So brew it once and discard the first water. Brew a second time and enjoy a tea partially free of its theine.

Is it advisable to drink green tea on an empty stomach?

For many people, tea is the morning ritual. Many people like to drink green tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Is this practice really beneficial? By drinking your tea on an empty stomach, you not only rehydrate your body but alsoeliminate waste and toxins. In short, you're getting a fresh start for the day! By starting your morning with a cup of tea, you also delay the feeling of hunger and your desire to consume sweet foods.

Drinking green tea with food: good or bad idea?

Drinking green tea every day has many positive effects, but be careful not to overdo it either. Ideally, do not exceed 5 cups per day. Reduce this amount if you also drink coffee. It can be tempting to drink it throughout the day to stay hydrated, but avoid drinking it with meals. Tea decreases your body's absorption of iron, an essential nutrient. Instead, drink it before or after. Before your meal (thirty minutes to one hour), it helps to expand your stomach and thus reduces the feeling of hunger. It acts as a natural appetite suppressant and is therefore a real asset in the context of a diet. After your meal (thirty minutes to one hour), green tea helps digestion and eliminates fat.

Should I drink green tea when it's hot?

We are used to drinking a good cup of hot tea to warm up in the middle of winter. But then, have you ever wondered why the Tuaregs drink it hot in the middle of the desert under a blazing sun? The reason is purely scientific. When you drink hot tea, you trigger sweating and increase your body temperature. Your body will then self-regulate and lower it. The green tea with mint is an excellent alternative: this plant has the virtue of being refreshing. If you want to cool down your body, drink it hot, ideally at a temperature of 40 to 45°C.