Choosing your rooibos

Just like teas, rooibos can be fermented or not. You can find red rooibos tea or green rooibos tea. Some of these teas are also flavored with fruits or spices. Their benefits are then different, as well as their taste. How to choose among the different varieties? Which rooibos contains the most health benefits? We answer these questions, and many others, in this article. You will finally know which rooibos to choose.

Red or green rooibos, which one to choose?

There are two types of African teas: red rooibos and green rooibos. These two infusions are distinct. Their taste and medicinal properties are specific to their composition. Zoom on the differences between the two teas.

What are the differences between rooibos teas?

Rooibos tea is similar to "classic" tea in terms of fermentation. White tea is the least fermented while black tea is the strongest. For rooibos, the red version is the most fermented and the green the most natural.
The leaves of these plants, grown in South Africa, are sun-dried. Depending on the desired product, they are also fermented. This gives them a more aromatic taste and a more intense color.

Should you consume red rooibos or green rooibos for your health?

Rooibos infusion is a natural drink. It is rich in water. This plant also has the particularity of containing neither theine nor caffeine. Nature has therefore made it a choice ally in a balanced diet. This "health" drink also accompanies "detox" cures.
As far as nutrition is concerned, rooibos is a natural source of antioxidants. However, the green one contains more. It also contains vitamin C.
It should be noted that these herbal infusions limit the absorption of iron. Even more so if they include a cloud of milk. However, this is also the case with the traditional "cup of tea" or coffee.

Natural or flavored rooibos, how to choose?

Theinfusion of rooibos leaves is adorned with new flavors with spices and fruity flavors. The recipes are multiplying to enhance the medicinal properties of the plant.
These herbal teas are made with spring water to obtain a quality product. The recommended quantity is one teaspoon for one cup of water.

Why drink rooibos with spices?

For more daring flavors, you can infuse your rooibos with spices.
This herbal tea pairs with vanilla or cocoa for sweet flavors. Pink pepper and chili pepper give it a pronounced or spicy aroma. These drinks also combine with the aniseed-like nature of star anise.

Why drink fruit rooibos?

Like white tea, green rooibos combines with citrus essences. The peach or passion flavors reveal its full potential. Red rooibos, which is fruitier by nature, combines like black tea with the aroma of apple.

Why combine rooibos with a herbal tea?

The leaves of plants bring multiple benefits to the body. During the day or in the evening, they can be consumed as herbal teas. With a few tips, it is wise to combine them with rooibos. Without caffeine and without theine, the red drink of Africa can also be drunk in the evening.
Rich in water, theorganic infusion hydrates the body. The associations depend on your needs. The most effective are :

  • nettle for iron and detox;
  • lime blossom for sleep;
  • peppermint for digestive virtues.

The plants should be kept in an airtight box to keep their antioxidants intact.

Which box of organic rooibos to choose as a gift?

Organic rooibos is also available as a gift. A nice box with scented sachets will make your loved ones happy. As an alternative to the famous "cup of tea", to explore an original cuisine or to take care of your diet, the rooibos "gift" box is your ally.
People who are careful about their nutrition appreciate the "detox" box with herbal teas. These drinks, consumed with light foods, cleanse the body. Follow the advice on the box to properly brew your product. The subtle aroma of rooibos softens the flavor of the herbs.
Food lovers opt for fruitier rooibos. Many recipes mix them with food. They then become natural colorants or flavor enhancers.
The more traditional ones are satisfied with a black tin with rooibos tea bags. A drop of milk is enough to create a traditional herbal tea at the end of the day. You can add a star anise to the original box for an explosion of flavors.