red tea

Rooibos, red tea or rooibos infusion are three names that often define the same drink. In reality, the ideal term is rooibos tea. Indeed, this plant from South Africa is prepared by decoction. Rich in antioxidants, this treasure from the Cape relieves many ailments. Moreover, its pleasant taste is appreciated by all members of the family. Zoom on the miracle drink of Cederberg.

Rooibos: a tea, an infusion or an herbal tea?

Rooibos is an infusion obtained from the leaves of the eponymous shrub. This herbal tea does not contain any theine. It is therefore not a tea.
Its name of "red tea" comes from its reddish color. However, it should not be confused with true red tea, which we call black tea. This Asian tea contains theine.
Since rooibos must be brewed to be drunk, its full name should be red rooibos infusion or herbal tea.

Rooibos tea: the national drink of South Africa

Rooibos, whose real name is aspalathus linearis, is a wild shrub that grows on arid and acidic lands north of the Cape. It is in the heart of the Cederberg mountain that nature endows it with its innumerable health benefits.
Unlike teas, rooibos does not contain theine. This drink is pleasant to the palate and can therefore be consumed by the whole family. Captonians like to drink it in summer because of its high antioxidant and water content.

Red tea", an unusual drink

Rooibos infusions are touted for their health benefits. And it's true that they are used to relieve many daily problems. This drink is, indeed, endowed with an exceptional composition.

The rooibos, an organic tea with a thousand virtues

The organic rooibos has a very large list of medicinal properties. This product, free of theine, is also accessible to women. Indeed, its consumption is possible during pregnancy.
According to the opinion of local tribes, the rooibos has benefits on :

  • sleep disorders;
  • digestive and intestinal disorders;
  • skin aging;
  • weight control;
  • allergies.

Natural product enthusiasts give advice on how to consume rooibos. Whatever your age or sex, this quality drink is your health ally.

The red infusion of Africa, a nutritional treasure

Rooibos infusions contain 37 antioxidants and minerals. This richness makes it an interesting product for the remineralization of the body. But also a balancing product against an impressive list of disorders. Allergies in particular would be favored by an unbalanced body.
Rich in water, herbal teas offer an interesting alternative to classic teas.