Virtues of rooibos

The red infusion from Africa is in fashion. With its sweet taste, the herbal tea is a good substitute for tea and coffee. Free of theine and caffeine, the Cape Town drink is nevertheless rich in antioxidants. The virtues of red rooibos on health are therefore numerous. Skin problems, cardiovascular health, allergies, cancer or colic, nothing seems to resist the red tea of South Africa. Discover it.

Decipher the origin of the benefits of African red tea

The medicinal properties of rooibos come mainly from the polyphenols present in its leaves. These molecules are part of the antioxidant family. They protect the cells of the body from external aggressions. Many benefits are attributed to them.
To understand the virtues of rooibos, we must understand the properties of antioxidants. This family of molecules, which includes polyphenols, acts against free radicals. These radicals are responsible for cellular damage such as skin aging and the appearance of cancer. In this sense, rooibos could have health benefits.
Beware however, just like milk, rooibos disrupts the assimilation of iron. People who are anemic (iron deficient) should therefore limit their consumption.

Discover the virtues of the Cederberg drink

Among the medicinal qualities of rooibos commonly cited, we find :

  • digestive virtues ;
  • sedative virtues;
  • anti-allergic virtues;
  • anti-aging properties;
  • anti-cancer virtues.

Red rooibos is a plant studied for its health effects. Most of these claims on the product come from its traditional uses. As for the Chinese pharmacopoeia, scientists are now trying to prove all these claims.

Rooibos and digestion

There are no scientific studies to confirm the benefits of rooibos consumption for digestion. However, traditional use in Africa shows the interest of the product on gastrointestinal disorders, including colic.

Rooibos and sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are often aggravated by coffee and black tea because of their caffeine and theine content. Rooibos tea does not have this effect.
On the contrary, ancient recipes seem to show a soothing effect that helps people fall asleep. In this case, spices such as vanilla are added to the red rooibos tea. Other plants such as vervain, linden or chamomile can also be mixed with red tea infusions.

Rooibos and allergies

Rooibos infusion relieves atopic eczema, often a sign of allergy. According to scientific studies, it is the antioxidants that reduce the skin's reaction to allergic substances.

Rooibos and aging

Drinking a red African tea is also useful for the skin. According to scientific tests, antioxidants limit cellular degradation. Therefore, they slow down the appearance of signs of skin and tissue deterioration.
Studies have recently shown that the plant's tissue-protecting qualities can prevent strokes. According to the observations, these teas can also limit the impact on neuronal destruction.

Rooibos and cancer

At this stage of medical knowledge, rooibos has not yet proven any significant effects on cancer. However, important in vitro research shows such activity on human skin cells. The drink seems promising in this respect.

Enjoy the benefits of organic red rooibos

It is in the heart of nature that the rooibos shrub draws all its strength. This organic and wild plant, which only grows in arid mountains, produces a tasty drink. Its leaves are fermented in the open air to give it an intense red color. There is a green version with unfermented leaves.
To make the infusion, simply pour hot water with the plant leaves. In a few minutes, the herbal tea is ready to drink.
Traditionally, rooibos infusions are drunk with milk. In the West, it is a plain version that is most successful. With just a little water, rooibos teas have a slightly sweet taste, like a caramelized hazelnut.
To take care of their bodies, some Westerners add spices to the drink. Black pepper and vanilla seem to be the most popular. To consume rooibos, hundreds of different recipes exist. Each infusion takes on an exotic, spicy or sweet flavor.

In the eyes of scientists, rooibos seems to have interesting properties for the human body. The studies already conducted all point in this direction. For the gastronomes, the choice is made. Rooibos replaces other hot drinks. It is a moment of pleasure above all. The drink has all the advantages to become a must for your gourmet and well-being breaks.