Pu Erh Vintage

Produced in the Yunnan province in China, Pu Erh tea is known to improve over time. Marketed in the form of a cake or a brick, it can be kept for many years. During the tasting, it delivers different aromas and a typical taste. Whether it is a vintage Pu Erh or a mature tea, it will guarantee you a unique experience.

How to recognize an old Pu Erh

Pu Erh is a typical Chinese black tea made according to a specific process that allows it to improve during its aging. It can be drunk young or mature.

After how many years is a Pu Erh considered old?

Traditionally, Pu Erh comes in different forms; loose, in patties or in bricks. When compressed, it can be kept for many years. The older it gets, the more its taste evolves. Older Pu Erh teas are particularly well known for being excellent tasting teas. When can we consider that a Pu Erh tea belongs to this category? Theoretically, we should count at least 50 years to be able to say that a Pu Erh tea is old. Indeed, this is the ideal ageing period to allow a tea to reach the level of maturation necessary to develop the typical aromas of an aged Pu Erh. But, these products being rather rare, their price is often very high. You can then consider that by tasting a Pu Erh aged more than five years, you will already feel the first typical notes due to the maturation.

Taste qualities of an old Pu Erh

By choosing a Pu Erh aged for decades, you are guaranteed to taste a post-fermented tea rich in flavors. Prepared as an infusion, it gives off predominant notes of wood and dried fruits, but also a subtle blend of different aromas. In addition, you will have the possibility to brew the same leaves several times without losing quality in terms of taste. Indeed, this is one of the main advantages of a vintage or aged Pu Erh. The older it is, the better it will keep its organoleptic qualities, even after several infusions.

Vintage or aged Pu Erh: what are the differences?

Among the old teas, you will find vintage Pu Erh that are also matured. What are the characteristics of these different products? We explain it all to you.

Refined tea: a traditional Chinese method

The refined Pu Erh is obtained following a particular production technique. This mainly concerns the method used to store the tea leaves. After being harvested and dried, the leaves are stored in a humid environment in order to provoke a fermentation process. Unlike natural storage, the producers control the maturation of the tea by creating the ideal conditions themselves. They provide humidity and air regularly to allow the black tea to reach a certain level of maturation.

Typical notes of vintage Pu Erh

Depending on its origin, its manufacturing method and its year of production, a Pu Erh will give off different notes and aromas. In order to really appreciate the characteristic taste of an old Chinese black tea, it is essential to choose a quality product, preferably from an organic range. Not only will you experience the differences in taste, but you will also appreciate the benefits that are attributed to this traditional Yunnan beverage. Made from the best harvests, a vintage Pu Erh will surprise you with its multiple flavors and notes, reminiscent of wood as well as almond or licorice . You will certainly be surprised by its texture in mouth; rather soft and silky.
Want to make your own opinion? Treat yourself to an organic Pu Erh of at least 5 years old as well as the essential accessories for the preparation and tasting.