How to brew Pu Erh tea

Coming from China, Pu Erh is an infusion with a delicate taste. This tea from Yunnan is characterized by long leaves whose aromas unfold in hot water. In a teapot or a gaiwan, here is how to brew Pu Erh.

Preparing a gaiwan to brew Pu Erh

The gaiwan is the first choice accessory to brew Chinese teas. If you don't have one, a porcelain teapot is also recommended. However, to avoid mixing flavors, the teapot should always be used for the same teas. The Pu Erh cake is often known as black or red tea, but there are green Pu Erh tea cakes.

Proceed gently for a quality infusion

For quality infusions, Pu Erh should be loose with whole leaves. Put the leaves directly into the teapot or gaiwan. Cover the organic leaves with hot water to rinse them, a temperature of 90°C is perfect. After 15 seconds, discard the first water.

Then brew the leaves for a few minutes. Pu Erh teas, especially the green ones, can infuse several times. Once the leaves have produced all their flavors, you can use them in your plants.