When to drink Pu Erh tea

At "tea time" or at breakfast, the benefits of Chinese teas are undeniable. Their effects on digestion are recognized. But all organic tea infusions have different properties. So, when to drink Pu Erh tea to enjoy its virtues?

The organic Pu Erh, "health" virtues

Rich in water, tea leaves infusions hydrate. However, the fermented tea from Yunnan, China, has very specific benefits. Indeed, the Pu Erh tea, in patty or tuocha, is a beneficial infusion on digestion and cholesterol. The Pu Erh tea leaves cake can be brewed after heavy meals.

Pu Erh black tea, a reasonable level of theine

Coming from the same trees of the Yunnan mountains as the organic oolong tea, the Pu Erh has a relatively low level of caffeine (60 milligrams of caffeine per cup of black tea). The consumption of this Chinese tea has no deleterious effects on sleep.

The Pu Erh cake, a sustainable product

With time, the quality of teas can deteriorate. In patties, Pu Erh is used in many recipes. Thus compressed, this tea loses neither its taste nor its virtues. It can therefore be consumed all year round.