tea bulk organic

You are a quality lover and you are interested in the benefits of organic tea in bulk. You've hit the nail on the head! It is perfect to consume for your health while taking care of our planet. Produced thanks to a pesticide-free agriculture, the infusion of its leaves is a delight. Buying it in bulk allows you to use eco-responsible packaging and to have the quantity you want delivered. Zoom on this exceptional range.

The composition of organic tea, an exceptional quality ?

Whether it is black, green or white, flavored or natural, your tea has gone through several stages before arriving in its bag, ready for delivery. The most important thing to know is that the tea leaves are never washed during this process. Choosing a 100% organic tea guarantees a product without any pesticide residue once in your cup.
You can trust compositions bearing the European organic logo and the AB mark. These certify that the products are :

  • natural ;
  • respectful of the environment and animal welfare;
  • guaranteed without synthetic chemicals or GMOs.

The exceptional quality of these ingredients compensates for their sometimes slightly higher price. It is also the guarantee of an incomparable taste. You will find all kinds of organic teas in bulk:

  • natural teas with an authentic taste: from China, Ceylon, India, Japan (matcha);
  • flavored teas: fruit (apple, lemon, orange), flowers (vanilla, jasmine, cherry), ginger, mint;
  • essential teas: earl grey, mate, Sencha;
  • and to satisfy your taste buds, without caffeine, discover also the rooibos, infusions and organic herbal teas.

The packaging of organic tea in bulk, an eco-responsible guarantee?

When looking for a quality organic tea, the choice of bulk packaging is essential. It is less expensive than in individual bags and its quality is better. Incredible, in your opinion? Not really.

  • Its leaves are used whole for its composition. Whatever the finished product you choose, black, green or white, flavored or natural, the organic tea range in bulk keeps its authenticity.
  • The product, less exposed to the air, preserves all its gustatory and olfactory qualities. What a delightful smell of tea leaves, vanilla or bergamot that emanates from the box!
  • You can directly see all the ingredients that make up your organic loose tea as soon as you open it. Your eyes will delight in the colors of red fruits, flowers, orange or lemon peels. The visual composition is a great part of the pleasure, isn't it?
  • Bulk packaging is also a real choice of eco-responsible agriculture. Consuming your tea in individual packages would add to the kilos of waste stock to be processed.
  • You can dose the amount of organic tea in your cup or teapot at your convenience. Bulk packaging of organic tea also allows you to make your own compositions of ingredients.

The cost of individual packaging is high. Less taste, broken leaves, difficult to identify ingredients, higher price... The choice of bulk is essential for the "tea time" of your day!
In order to adapt to your needs, we offer you the delivery of our products in two different packaging: in zipped paper bags or in metal boxes. Discover our range without further delay.