Certificate AB

To consume organic can lead to ask some questions. At Thés & Traditions, our teas are all certified AB. In front of the various labels of the organic tea, you can nevertheless wonder if the certificate AB has a real significance. In order to clarify the matter, you should know that the organic agriculture certificate (AB) is a quality label that respects both European and French regulations . Moreover, the obtaining of this certification is done according to several criteria.

AB certification: an official sign of quality for organic products

Organic farming is a production method that respects the environment. The organic labels are the signs that guarantee to consumers this mode of production. The AB certification, which is one of these labels, respects specifications defined by European and French regulations and imposes a strict official control. It concerns any actor of the organic food industry such as :

  • farmers ;
  • processors; and
  • distributors.

The AB certificate is visible on our products through the French AB logo and the European organic logo. It is the proof that our teas meet the regulations of organic farming. The AB certificate is therefore a guarantee of quality of the products sold on Thés & Traditions.

How is the AB certificate awarded?

The AB certificate can only be obtained after having passed various stages of control. The AB mark is a mark belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture. Its use is therefore subject to rules of use
The different steps to obtain the AB certification are

  1. the declaration of the activity of marketing of organic products to the Agence Bio;
  2. the success of the control carried out by a certifying body approved by the INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality);
  3. the request to use the AB mark for certification purposes (and its acceptance) in order to be able to affix it to the products.

Controls by INAO-approved certification bodies (such as Ecocert, Eurofins, Alpes Contrôles or AFNOR, to name but a few) are, moreover, renewed at least once a year.
The AB certified tea tea from Thés & Traditions meets all these quality criteria. It offers you all the advantages of organic farming. Our teas are indeed cultivated without pesticides and GMO and they are harvested in sustainable and fair conditions.

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